How Many Sins Does It Take?

Genesis 3 describes the very first sin a human being committed against God. Adam and Eve disobeyed God, they were commanded not to touch or eat fruit from certain trees in the midst of the garden (Genesis 3:3) and did so anyway.  Many pastors out there speak of the “fall of mankind” in generalities but gloss over the glaring reality of what actually happened.  With many years of Satan’s influence, human beings for the most part see sin in terms of really evil and less evil, but guess what, it is evil no matter how we look at it.

Adam and Eve’s sin was simple disobedience and what ensued swiftly was their removal from a perfect garden paradise forever.  They didn’t murder anyone, they didn’t rape anyone, they simply disobeyed God and defiled His holiness. God could live with them until that point, but after this there was no way He could as He is perfectly righteous and holy, He could not just make an exception or He could no longer be holy.

Modernist pastors attempt to skew God’s holiness as less than holy. Lesser evils such as Adam and Eve’s sin, they preach now God must overlook because He loves His creation. The whole “hate the sin, love the sinner” nonsense has spawned from this. Make NO mistake, if God hates the sin, He also hates the sinner who has committed this sin.  All throughout Scripture and yes even in the New Testament, God has a burning rage towards all sin and thus all sinners.

However God does love His creation, this is correct. After Adam and Eve fell and the world went from a perfect garden to utter turmoil, He made them clothes (Genesis 3:21). He could of destroyed all of creation during the Great Flood (Genesis 6, 7), but chose to save 8 sinners. And no greater love than all, He sent His only Son Jesus Christ to a lonely cross to atone for the sins of His children satisfying a payment no sinner could ever pay thus restoring the rift in holiness caused by just one sin, the saved sinner now can enter the Kingdom and dwell with God with Christ’s imputed righteousness.  God chooses by His grace alone through faith alone through Christ alone to make things right.

Just one sin puts a human being on the outside of the Kingdom, deserving the wrath of God. Just one choice by God’s love to give grace through Jesus Christ repairs this eternal and infinite damage.  It is quite sad to hear how some rationalize sins, to invent new terms on what God sees as sins and when a sin is actually a sin.  Recently a Roman Catholic attempted to give me a nonsensical 3 step process as to when a sin is actually sin for example which misses the point entirely!  Could a sinner EVER presume what God deems as sin and what He doesn’t?  I’d hate to take that chance with a holy God.  For example His word lists the 10 commandments, do you really want to tell God for example when a commandment is broken and by human consortium when it isn’t?

It was just ONE sin of we which we all have committed which put us into Judgment just as our first parents, Adam and Eve.  We are none the better than they were since the beginning.  Romans 3:23 “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”

David Platt put this way “you sin against a rock, you are not very guilty. You sin against man, you are guilty. You sin against an infinitely holy God, and you are INFINITELY GUILTY”.

The question is are you going to stop punching and flailing against the wind, rationalizing each of your sins, determining which sins God must accept and which He cannot?  Or are you going to accept your state as a sinner and submit to the fact that the Judge, the Almighty God, is in control, it is by His mercy and grace alone that you can be forgiven through Jesus Christ who died, yes, for each and every one of your sins.  Will you come to the Cross and plead for mercy, or will you boast in your works to God of which He views as filthy rags.

If you have not done so, repent of your sins, turn away from them and believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ that He alone paid your sin debt, and by His death and resurrection He has freed you from eternal damnation and the wrath on your sins. Tomorrow might be TOO late!

How many sins does it take to be cast out by God? JUST ONE.  Stop rationalizing and start believing! 

[ By Faith We Understand ] Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen


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