Slaves to Sin

Jesus answered them, “Most assuredly, I say to you, whoever commits sin is a slave of sin.”
Jesus points out a pure fact of which many fail to realize and all fail to realize before their rebirth in Him which is being slaves to sin.  More than that, we are willing slaves to sin.
A couple of months ago I spoke to a friend about his next ten years. I have witnessed the Gospel in the past to him of which he rejected and still rejects and his idea for the next ten years I could surmise would be a planned  for selfish parade of lust and sin to the hilt. He basically told me from the items he wanted to do that he didn’t want to waste a day of which he could not sin.  Sounds fun?
Those who reject and lambaste God for His laws are also given the freedom to pursue their desire which is to sin. Little do they know they are slaves to sin.  Can one truly say that good could ever come out of an act of immorality?  Or does heart break, depression, anger, anxiety, hurt, and even death result from it.  I remember before my rebirth visiting strip clubs with my friends and ALWAYS leaving there with a guilty-sad-ashamed feeling.  There was never happiness or good that resulted from this immoral act.  I was a slave to that sin.
More bad news, Jesus continues with John 8:35 “And a slave does not abide in the house forever, but a son abides forever.”
Jesus points out that your desire to sin is a temporary perceived freedom, that hell is the next stop which will be a thousand times worse than your worst day imagined. For those who see sin as my friend above does, your time to eat, drink, and be merry will be short-lived and an eternity of regret awaits you.   Your slave-hood with sin will last forever only with the resultant feelings from sin left for you to deal with.   There are no get out of hell free cards, Scripture does not indicate any after death forgiveness.
What is the remedy?  Today you can decide to repent of your sins and follow Jesus Christ.  There is NO sin on this earth that God will not help you repent of.  Believing Jesus is one thing, resultant repentance of this is another.  The comparison would be your parents telling you to look both ways before you cross the street so you don’t get hit by a car, you may believe them that this could happen however it is up to you to follow those directions.
Face it, sin is NOT the answer. Again nothing good results from them, NOTHING. The temporary high you might get will pass away quickly into guilt and regret.  Is it really that much fun to get away with sin? Think about it.  Sometimes it seems like getting away with sin is easy, but what is awaiting you is a judgment which you cannot get away with.
Just view the two presidential candidates in our recent election. Both were slaves to sin. Those sins came to light for all to see and both highly regretted their sins because it was most likely quite embarrassing for one thing.
Today if you hear the voice of Jesus, do not harden your heart.  Listen to Him!  Repent and believe His Gospel.  Follow Him and become His slave which is a much easier and restful path in your life, I can personally assure you on this!

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