Error Codes

Psalm 19:12

Who can understand his errors? Cleanse me from secret faults.

Recently I had an automobile problem. My truck would turn over and would not start at times.  There were no corresponding error codes nor a check engine light. But the problem continued and it got worse over time.  I took it to a mechanic, he could not figure it out. I searched incessantly on web-site repair forums to search for a repair for this problem, while there were many having the same issue, none had any clear solution or fix. I then brought it to the dreaded dealer, anyone who has had to bring a car into a dealer knows what I am talking about, the price tag is not going to be cheap.  The dealer looked at, could not find the problem or fix either, and of course charged me for their time.  I went back to research, found several things it could be and decided to try to change sensors out as well as the main board in the truck, changed the fuel intake mechanism, etc.  The problem continued!  I then researched a bit more and found an obscure reference to a engine coolant sensor being the possible culprit, and decided to change it out myself. And after ALL of this turmoil, that little sensor I believe was the culprit all along.

I tell this story because with sin our life, we sometimes don’t take the time to research or diagnose what the issues are.  We continue on, the problems grow and are ignored.  As with the case above, there are sometimes no apparent error codes in our life but we struggle against sin. Why is this you ask?  It is because the world and all that is in it does a masterful job at covering up those error codes and all seems normal, and the check engine light so to speak well that has been burnt out, but the issue is there and it grows.

As David asked God to cleanse him from his secret faults, we must always do this as well. The glaring sins are easy, we see them, we know what to with them and fix this through repentance. The secret sins are not so easy to see. Those deeds and thoughts we have which are sins against God seem normal, but they too are and offense to Him and puts outside of fellowship with Him.

When you believe you have done all the right things, you study Scripture, you seek the Lord, you fellowship with others, you desire to grow in sanctification, and yet you feel distanced from God look within.  Look within your heart, discern those sins you passed off as nothing or not serious.  Discern why God is at a distance and the Holy Spirit is quiet within.  We must always ask for cleansing while we remain in the flesh as we still hold sin in our members.  Don’t always assume you did all the right things, God is quiet for a reason.

As you grow in sanctification and with the help of the Holy Spirit, you will search incessantly as I did with my automobile to fix the errors in your life and won’t stop until the issue is finally resolved.  If you are not doing this, ask yourself if you are in the faith. Sin our life must be repented of and removed.  Yes, Jesus Christ paid your sin debt if you are His child, but don’t assume growth in holiness is His responsibility alone, it is your solemn duty now, your responsibility. Sanctification is a process, different for everyone, but the same in its concept.  If you were told by a hyper-grace teacher that nothing more is needed, ask yourself why there are apparent issues and problems that arise in your life with no apparent help from God.  Is it because you disregard the secret sins? Most likely.

Think about this, if there is no care for repentance for some of the sins in your life or they are ignored, you are actually telling Jesus He did not need to pay for these particular sins.

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