The Roman Catholic Problem – Book

**6/12/2018 Press Release**

The book called the Roman Catholic Problem officially published on 6/2/2018, available in Kindle and Paperback form.

The book encompasses the journey of Jeff Petricka leading up to his rebirth in Jesus Christ and out of Roman Catholicism. It will detail the various problems discovered based on discernment through Scripture. It was written for the love of all Catholics, those being drawn to Jesus Christ to His eternal rest, reassuring them that there is hope.  Whether you are new Catholic or a decades long Catholic, this book will touch upon the Roman Catholic experience in detail and where some apparent glaring problems need to be discerned.

The first week of this publication has been met with many demonic attacks, as there has been a dark attempt to smear the work, to take it off the reading list of Catholics, and also defame and delegitimize the author.  The fear being that this author just might be telling the truth.

Catholics, please read this work. It may touch your life and answer some questions you as well have been asking about your faith.  It may not reach the hardened Catholic as the title might throw you off a bit, but give it a fair reading and you will discover the author’s intent is bring you the truth of the Gospel in love.

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