Satan’s Workers

James 2:19 “You believe that there is one God. You do well. Even the demons believe—and tremble!”

Do not be surprised if you are hounded, harassed, and maligned by a worker of Satan if you are sharing the truth of the Gospel.  In my last post, I explained why I needed to pull a book off of Amazon’s shelf based on the satanic behavior from Catholics who were triggered just at the title of the book, called “The Roman Catholic Problem”. These workers of Satan I would suspect are continuing to stalk me on Facebook as they seek to stop the truth.  I suspect they are had work conspiring their next attack, waiting for the book to come out again.  Well their day is coming, God ensured it!

Rev 20:15, “And anyone not found written in the Book of Life was cast into the lake of fire.”

It is truly sad to see this satanic element in the Roman Catholic Church. I honestly never saw it before I published a book which discloses my testimony and exaltation in Jesus Christ. But they came in force. Their whole insane obsession with me and this book was at first odd, but then highly revealing.  They disparaged a fan of my work over and over again, and in this attempt even tried to align me with this fan by maligning me further.  They can spin their wheels, obsess, hold a grudge or whatever their evil dark hearts desire. I say this in the book, but it is a useless endeavor. God’s truth always prevails!

While they claim to be “Christians”, their behavior is satanic. As James said above, even the demons believe there is a God, it doesn’t mean they are going to be glorified because they like this behavior displays they do have a heart for evil and obsess in it. God will give them what they want and it is an eternity in this evil obsession away from Him!  So bring it Satan!  You will never prevail!  The truth will get out to Roman Catholics and there is not a thing you can do about it!  Your workers can spin their evil wheels all day and night for all I care! God never fails!

The way I see it, I am keeping those satanic operators occupied spinning their wheels over me over a book, while they concentrate all their pathetic efforts, meanwhile the church elsewhere is getting the truth out!  They will never stop the actual church Jesus Christ is building!

Satan desperately wants to prevent Catholics from hearing the truth of Jesus Christ! Those being drawn will not be hindered! 

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