When God is Silent

Psalm 27:14 Wait on the Lord; Be of good courage, And He shall strengthen your heart; Wait, I say, on the Lord!

Trying to fix the issue or situation on your own? How is it working out? Probably not good, right.  Sometimes God will remain silent in our requests based on our pride and insistence that we work out our own problems.  We pray to God, and the next minute we are scurrying about trying something else.  Some issues can be anxiety stricken, such as trying to pay a mortgage, or a health issue, or a relationship issue which does not seem to be getting better.  We pray to God constantly, and nothing seems to grab His attention, or so it seems.

God teaches us patience through our faith. So that we get out of this thinking that it was us and God who solved the problem, when it will always be Him, He gets the glory. It is not the Roman Catholic cooperative pride method to which God works.  If we read the Old Testament especially, the Israelites tried that method over and over, and God rejected it over and over.  He wants to make absolutely certain that we know it was Him, and Him alone working this situation or issue, and if you are in Christ, the outcome will always be to your good. He wants you to be in the rest of Jesus Christ, not in the anxiety of the world.

It isn’t easy!  No one ever said it was. But we are in the flesh, and it is that pride, self-determined humanism God will break us of.  Wait on Him!  Don’t jump His plans thinking you are helping Him, you aren’t.  It is faith that pleases God, not your cooperation.  Is there anything too big for God? No! Remember He created the Universe and everything in it in 6 days. The complexities of DNA, all the different ecosystems and environments, the human being, so many different species of animals and insects, planets, solar systems, weather patterns, etc. , do you think your problem or issue would ever be too grand for Him to solve or to fix?

I learned this the hard way, be patient in your faith! Don’t pray to God and then run out and try to fix the unfixable problem, because you are then telling God you did not trust Him or do not believe He could fix it.  Wait on Him!  It might turn your stomach as you see time running out, the odds are against you, there seems to be no hope, and then comes God!  He doesn’t do this for a boast, He does this so that you SEE Him for who He is!  That you trust in Him! That your faith grows in Him!

Wait on God!

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