Jesus is the ONLY way!

John 14:6 Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.

Jesus made no exception here. He didn’t say “through Me and Mary” or “through Me and the pope and his successors” or “through Me and a ritual” or “through Me and a denomination” or “through Me and your works” or “through Me and your church attendance”.  Salvation will always through Him and Him alone.

World religions such as Roman Catholicism based on humanism rise up and fight this notion tooth and nail. They will not submit themselves to the fact that salvation will be by the name of Jesus Christ alone (Acts 4:10-12) and that it will be by faith alone in Him and through Him. They say “no, this is much too narrow!”  That it cannot be just Jesus, why should He get all the glory?  But it is the age old satanic theme, “Jesus could not of paid the entire sin debt by His atonement” which has been deceiving sinners since the beginning.

Fallen man says “I must do”, those regenerated by God, born-again, are blessed to see that Jesus DID it! He paid the sin the debt, their rest is in Him, in His righteousness, His cleanliness, His perfection, His obedience.

World religions constantly point away from Jesus Christ. Notice the subtle attempt. It is always Jesus and something else. There is NO salvation outside of Jesus Christ!  I did not make this rule up, it is not my invention, it is God’s promise which has never changed!

  • Place your faith in Him alone!  Repent of idolatry and humanism if it has drawn you away from this truth!

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