Press Release – The Roman Catholic Problem Re-Launch!

I am pleased to announce that I have reissued the book titled The Roman Catholic Problem on July 3, 2018.  I chose this date based on the decisive end to the Battle of Gettysburg. (a significant date in U.S. history July 3, 1863)

The book was pulled by my choice from Amazon because of their lack of enforcement in violations in the review/comment section of the parent ad, of which, a couple of Satan’s workers parked on. They continued to harass Amazon reviewers, slander, lie, defame and malign me as the author of this book in a round the clock obsessive fashion.  Further investigation of these specific workers of Satan showed this was not the first time they chose to attack the workers in God’s field of the Gospel.  They seem to target anyone who questions or challenges the Roman Catholic Church in a very vitriolic angry attack.  I have seen these trolls attack Mike Gendron, Matt Slick, and other Christians on Facebook as well with the same sort of demonic venomous rage.

They did not win, and will not win!  This time the book will stay up, and if the attempt is made again to demonically troll it, the readers will be informed as to who they are and what they are attempting to do, by added pages in this book as well, they will expose themselves in any review attempt.

To be honest? It was a blessing, because it added to the truth of this book!  

I thank those who have been patiently waiting the relaunch and for your understanding!  I also thank those who have encouraged me through this time!  May God’s word go forth, and the Gospel to every person being drawn to God!

Satan’s workers can spin their wheels!  They will most likely come back and continue their attack, but they will always be unsuccessful in stopping the Gospel!

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