Page 14, 15, 16 – The Roman Catholic Problem

Below are added pages to the original book called The Roman Catholic Problem.


Despite this this book being originally published on June 2, 2018, and doing quite well in distribution, the book needed to be hastily pulled by my choice alone. I naively advertised the book on June 2 in a Roman Catholic Facebook group.  I was immediately demonically attacked and threatened from all directions. Many Roman Catholics, I did not know, just viewed the book’s title and it was enough to send them into a hateful rage without even reading a page of the book.  My constant defense was, “Please read the book first before you cast judgments.” The extreme hateful and spiteful attacks increased, and it was sad to see such spiteful venom on a book I had just published and was excited to get this truth out to the world.  After a few hours, I was removed from the Facebook group. Thinking this was over, a couple of Catholics decided to stalk me on Facebook into another group, where they continued their demented and hateful attack.  After a day, they then proceeded to go to the title page on Amazon and continue to obscenely slander, malign, and denigrate me as the author in an almost pure satanic fashion with reprehensible spite and extreme hate, where they trolled readers of the book.  I have had heated debates with Catholics in the past, but nothing of this nature has ever occurred.  One spent at least twelve to fourteen hours a day in highly disturbing and shameful harassing Amazon customers and denigration of myself, and then gave the book a predicted scathing and venomous review, which was a book in of itself.  Another Catholic, gave a review so obscene, Amazon had to take it down. This person spent days, hours, and all hours of the night in obsessive harassment just upon reading the title of the book. They parked on the Amazon parent ad and insanely trolled. They then called in other hateful spiteful Catholics from Facebook to personally malign me as the author and defame my reputation, of which, they also aligned myself with Amazon customers (calling them the author) reviewing the book in this disturbing demonic ranting. This continued around the clock for about two weeks. Calls to Amazon to step in went unnoticed, as they allowed this personal satanic attack to continue and to violate their own rules on reviews.  So, I decided the book had to be taken off the shelf for a time to quell this highly disturbing, inexcusable, and hateful obsession.  What do the workers of Satan not want Catholics to know? The truth about the RCC problems which this book addresses! I speak to fear and efficacy in Roman Catholicism later in this book, and it will affirm this hateful, disturbing, vitriolic, and spiteful behavior.  I can only forgive these satanic offenders as Christ forgave me, and I pray they see the light of Christ and repent of these sins!   Personally, I denounce any such satanic bullying behavior by anyone, and frankly it was something I never witnessed in my forty-three years in the RCC.  In the online world, we are connected outside of our communities and it just solidified what I will say in this book about the faith in Roman Catholicism is a breeding ground for this behavior. Satan cannot stop the truth!  Reviews on this book can be critical and I am not demanding full agreement, but when they cross into personal obsessed, defamatory, and slanderous repeated attacks of myself and the consumers of this book, I as a Christian have every right to defend myself and the Gospel. I do hope, by God’s grace, this truth I write here gets out to those in need and being drawn to Jesus Christ!!

These hateful Catholics do not represent the behavior of the entire Catholic Church, but it will hopefully cast light on the many problems I will touch upon in this book.  Most Catholics can disagree without crossing personal threatening boundaries with a stalking and obsessive disgraceful behavior.  Obviously, there is a certain element who are quite satanically triggered with a mere challenge to the RCC.  I just ask for fairness and common decency, just as any Catholic would ask for in authorship of their books.  These attacks are not on the scale of what Jesus and the Apostles faced. We only read of small portions of what they endured and can only imagine now the demonic shameful, defamatory smearing, slandering, and demented harassment they experienced when sharing the Gospel.  My blog page ( will include this note for those who had purchased the book before the republish date.

Ephesians 6:11-13

Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.   Therefore, take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.”

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