Infallibile Source

Despite Roman Catholics fallible humanistic error in saying the RCC is the infallible source, Scripture is the ONLY infallible source given by God.  His revealed infallible truth is contained in the pages of Scripture, not in a corrupt man-made organization which says “depend on me”, and preaches uncertainty always in Jesus Christ.

Why is Scripture rejected as the only infallible source?  It always has been! It is part of man’s fallen nature.  God cannot do this is the thought. He cannot just reveal His truth this way without humans giving Him permission to do so and by human involvement. How dare He even try to do enlighten His children that way is the humanism sentiment.

Why do Roman Catholics reject this infallible source?  Because it exposes all the flaws in Roman Catholicism.  It exposes their idolatry and open idol worship, and when light shines on darkness it is not a fun experience.  So you will see a similar fight from Catholics as you will see from atheists or agnostics when the Bible is mentioned as THE standard bearer of truth.  Is this not revealing?

I have seen strains of atheism and agnosticism in Roman Catholic faith based on rejecting the only infallible source of Scripture, it is rather quite obvious. You have Catholics who will claim evolution for example is an absolute fact, and the Genesis accounts as mere allegories.  Trying to pin down Catholic’s faith by Scripture is also a vain attempt. They do not believe in Scripture as their infallible source for one thing.

A Catholic’s infallible source?  Fallen human beings, fallen human tradition.  They have set sinful human beings and fallen tradition ABOVE Scripture. Thus you will have a disconnect in communication with any Catholic if you were not aware of this.  You are speaking from one infallible source, Scripture, they are speaking from everything but Scripture.

Catholics, your entire eternal future rests upon a fallen sinful human being’s view on your faith. Do you not believe it is time to TEST this by an actual TRUTH source?  Read and study Scripture without any other source, without presuppositions, without importing doctrines, without viewing it as LESS THAN WORTHY in your mind, without viewing it as BELOW your magisterium and tradition. Do this before it is too late!

Protestants are not your enemy Catholics. Sin is and was always your enemy and sadly you have accepted sin in your life, thus the TRUTH of Scripture is a hard thing.


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