Beating Depression and Anxiety

Psalm 40:1-4

 I waited patiently for the Lord;
And He inclined to me,
And heard my cry.
He also brought me up out of a horrible pit,
Out of the miry clay,
And set my feet upon a rock,
And established my steps.
He has put a new song in my mouth—
Praise to our God;
Many will see it and fear,
And will trust in the Lord.

Blessed is that man who makes the Lord his trust,
And does not respect the proud, nor such as turn aside to lies.

The U.S. drug industry since 1975 has exploded into a multi billion dollar market, not based on a cancer curing drug but with mind numbing drugs and medications. The scenario goes with someone struggling with depression or anxiety going to a doctor or psychiatrist and being prescribed with a anti-depression type drug. In the modern era there now is really no physical diagnosis in most cases, the patient basically shows a set of symptoms which proves a check list and they are then prescribed.

In some cases there can be a physical diagnosis of the brain’s chemical imbalance and in those cases they always have been treated and should be treated. Usually the patient has always had this imbalance all throughout their life and are inflicted with a disease causing the symptoms. But now the market has expanded beyond the clinical depression/anxiety cases and not onto just anyone who feels down for more than a day. It could be prescribed for one grieving a death of a loved one for example, or a simple heartbreak of a teen, or someone down on their luck.

A doctor will hand out Prozac and other drugs like candy. The problem is in these cases, the drugs do not cure the problems. They only serve to numb the problem, the person can function now in life a little better. If the person decides to stop taking the drug, the problem that was never dealt with is still there and there can be grave consequences such as suicide resulting from it which is happening on a frequent basis. And you will hear this in the commercials for the drugs.

Drugs cannot cure or fix a non-clinical depression or anxiety problem, they will only put the problem in a stalemate position. So what is the cure? The Gospel of Jesus Christ!   Believe in God, that the Creator can and will fix your problems and He will!  Not as a test, not as a demand, not as non-trust, but in full trust! Depend on Him only! Do not depend on a doctor, or counselor, they can only try to listen to your symptoms, try to help through medication.

It is not wrong to seek clinical help, and I am not suggesting not to seek this help. But I am making you aware that without trust in God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ, without His rest, your sickness and depression will most likely never leave.

I do not discount depression or anxiety. We live in a fallen world. Christians can get depressed and be anxious as anyone else can. We must always trust in God, wholeheartedly, always trusting in His sovereignty that whatever the circumstance good, bad, indifferent, sad, whatever it might be that God’s hand is working.   Full trust is where God is leading you to. You can wake up each day knowing He is in charge and that whatever happens, God is with you. When we don’t trust Him, when we seek the world instead, this is when depression and anxiety take hold. When I graduated from college I struggled with depression and anxiety. I lost a great relationship combined with struggling with finding a career. Each day was a struggle. I thank God now I was able to get through it, and it wasn’t by being medicated, it was totally by His sovereign hand. I had to look back though to see it because at the time I did not know He was behind it, but I know He was!

Tips to beat depression

If you do believe in God, start out each day actually believing in Him!

I know it sounds logical but it must be said because some start their days without Him, then wonder why all these things keep happening, why am I so depressed.

Look in the mirror and say “I am God’s creation, I believe in His sovereign glorious hand to protect and serve me”. I will strive to say and do everything to God’s glory”.

Try to read Scripture more!  The Psalms are a wonderful depression reliever. It is NOT how many pages or Psalms you read, it can be a single verse you mediate on or a passage. Read each word as hearing the very voice of God speak to you. Make this your daily habit.

Pray without ceasing! What does this mean? Depend on God for everything, get into this habit. A quadriplegic Christian once said “I thank God for my physical condition because my relationship with Him is minute by minute and I know Him and He knows me”.  You don’t need to pray out loud in this, just keep God in your thoughts and on your mind in every single thing you do. Try this! Communicate with Him what the problem is or what your request is always knowing if it is in His will, He will provide. If not in His will, it won’t happen, so you do get an answer either way and rest in this.

Do not depend solely on the world to beat your depression and anxiety. The old term “misery loves comfort” rings true. So if you are seeking your friends or family to help you or enable you through a problem, you generally will find one who will love to see you depressed as they are or once were, it validates their condition.

If you are on medication, view this as a temporary fix, always asking God to cure the problem. Listen to your doctors but trust in God! Do not view the drugs as a cure, because they won’t be able to. God must help you rid the problems in your life and the dependence should be always on Him.  TRUST IN HIM!

Try to stop dwelling on yourself, and dwell on Jesus Christ. Try not programming your mind pessimistically but with positivism.  Constantly tell yourself “God will fix this problem”

Lastly, ask others to pray for you through a problem. You are NOT burdening others with any request, never think this!  If one tells you they are burdened, then they aren’t someone to seek.  Christians are never burdened!

I do pray for those struggling with depression and anxiety. I empathize with your affliction and tell you there is HOPE in Jesus Christ! He will and shall see you through this storm! Trust in Him!


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