Christianity is Public

Matthew 5:14 “You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden.”

Some have this idea when challenged on their Christianity that their faith “is between God and themselves”.  Jesus said this would be not the case for His church. It would be alive and a public faith, not a faith to be hidden from the world, but a light of the world.

Matthew 10:33 “But whoever denies Me before men, him I will also deny before My Father who is in heaven.”

Jesus reiterates again that faith in Him should never be a private “between God and myself” faith.  If you are in Jesus Christ, a true follower of Him, is there any part of you which feels ashamed? And I am not talking about once a week in a church setting, but everywhere, in front of your family, friends, coworkers, school?  Are you afraid if you mention your love for Jesus it might just get you kicked out of a worldly adventure or desire or relationship?  If so, you are denying Him.

I have challenged some on this respect, especially Roman Catholics who when pressed for their testimony will not freely share their faith in Him, always telling me “it is between God and myself” or that I could not judge.  If the RCC was that light of the world your faith in Christ could not be hidden.  Merely claiming you are a Catholic tells me nothing other than you have joined a club or a member of a worldly church.  It tells me not a thing about your actual faith in Jesus Christ, and how He is personally working in your life.

Some use Jesus as a spiritual ATM machine.  There is trouble in the family or a health concern or a disaster, and the ATM machine is then used. Jesus is spoken about and pleaded to. As soon as the trouble passes, the ATM machine is put in a closet, locked away until the next disaster.  This is not Christianity nor faith in Jesus.  It is called superstition.

Some use Jesus as their Facebook friend so to speak. He is used for “likes” on their FB page when self-esteem is low and needs a boost. As soon as that esteem rises, Jesus is then an after-thought.  Again using Him as a spiritual ATM machine.  Just used when needed. This is not Christianity nor faith in Jesus, but an idea of Him.

Christianity is a PUBLIC faith! Never private.  The marks of your salvation and saving faith granted by God are clearly shown and genuinely shown.   If you were pulled out of the burning wreck of your putrid rotten sins and granted eternal life, this Good News is not a private occurrence. It might be hard to speak about in terms of detail at first, but the event of it is always public.

Are you looking for God in everything, or looking for the world and yourself in everything is the question.  If you see God in everything, you see His hand in everything!  You are that light of the world, and the world does not like this light. Don’t expect roses and puppy dogs and ice cream from the world, you will be persecuted and hated for this light, but it is a light which cannot be hidden!  There is no darkness in Jesus Christ and the world despises Him and His children for this.

The light of Jesus Christ cannot be hidden!

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