The Feelings “Gospel”

In the United States where I reside, the feelings gospel is prominent.  Signs, wonders, miracles, wives tales, health, wealth, and prosperity are the main cogs of the feelings gospel.  It purveys the sentiment of “don’t judge anyone”, and do not discern truth from error, keep that to yourself not to offend another’s feelings.

The feelings gospel uses Jesus Christ as some kind of social justice warrior, as if His mission on earth was to make sinners comfortable in a fallen world. It is a gospel where all roads lead to heaven, you don’t even have to believe in Christ, just be a “good” person by subjectively moral standards based on relativism.  God is a monster to actually be holy, eternally, and demanding absolute perfection.

Jesus is a salesman in the feelings gospel. He yearns and pleads with sinners only to be laughed at, spit upon, rejected. But that’s ok in this gospel, human beings are equal to Him in every respect except those miracles needed by Jesus which He must produce through a deceiver too at times, someone who can profit off the miracle.  And signs, wonders, miracles are continuously needed to actually know there is a God.  You must forget all those warnings of false teachers and anti-Christs in the feelings gospel or you might be labeled as a hater or a bigot.

Church attendance or a Facebook post is all is needed in this feelings gospel to prove you are a Christian. Any challenges to the sinner’s witness or testimony will be met with condemnation.  “How dare you bring my sin up” is the sentiment in this gospel.  How dare you actually demand proof that one is part of the church.  And by the way, you can stop talking about sin all together since the feelings gospel teaches we are all mostly “good people”.

The feelings gospel produces excuses for sin, and then prescribes medication for the remedy instead of Jesus Christ.  Again, Jesus would do the same in this gospel, the “what would Jesus do” mindset.  He would look at the sin of day and say “no harm no foul since everyone is in agreement”.

Lust is seen as love in the feelings gospel.  The lust for material items, lust for sex, lust for selfish endeavors, lust for the world, are the fruits of this gospel. While depression and anxiety reign as the results, just prescribe more pills instead of the call to confess and repent and believe the actual Gospel of Jesus Christ which is much too harsh on the ears and much too divisive.

Those outside the feelings gospel are seen as haters and bigots. We are the enemy if you call out sin and preach the holiness of God.  They can’t have this truth since relativism is the new standard.

The fact is, the feelings gospel saves ZERO!  Yes ZERO!  It is a gospel which tells you to love the fallen world and everything in it, placing you as a ardent enemy of the Almighty God.  You might claim to know Jesus, but it is always a version which fits your lust and depravity and on that glorious Judgment Day He will sadly tell you “I never knew you, depart from Me”.

Good people by subjective moral standards DO NOT ENTER HEAVEN! Forgiven sinners by the person and work of Jesus Christ do! Repent of your sins and believe the Gospel!  The person who tells you this does NOT hate you, rather they love you so much they would rather hurt your fragile feelings than to see you end up in eternal hell.

If you were of the world, the world would love its own. Yet because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you


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