When Scripture is Veiled

2 Corinthians 3:16 Nevertheless when one turns to the Lord, the veil is taken away.

Those indoctrinated into a world religion have a similar characteristic when it comes to the Bible and the doctrines contained in it. Scripture is veiled to conform to that world religion.  Chapters, verses, passages are as if they are not even there in the mindset of an indoctrinated person under a false theology. The apparent phenomenon is the veiling of Scripture by man’s invented tradition. The veil is placed over to make Scripture work with the tradition.

You will see this when challenging one with a false theology.  You may provide several verses refuting the false doctrine, and the sinner because of this veil either ignores them flat out, does not respond to them, use a hyper dispensational context plea (that only applied to the old covenant but only in certain cases which do not match the invented tradition of man), or greatly twisted.

Example would be when Jesus said in John 6:37, “”All that the Father gives Me will come to Me, and the one who comes to Me I will certainly not cast out”. Those who teach one can lose their justification and redemption in Jesus Christ will either ignore this verse entirely or twist it. The twisted response might be “well Jesus might not cast me out, but I can cast myself out” or something to this effect.

Those of us who were former Roman Catholics can all attest when the veil was taken away (2 Cor 3:16), there were things we had never seen before.  Whole parts of Scripture were not seen or we just ignored it because it didn’t work with our indoctrination.  That’s IF we even read Scripture, which is a whole other issue in the RCC.

When Scripture is not your ultimate authority, when you are demanding that the text say a certain thing, the natural tendency is to ignore the convicting verses.  Over time they are never read, the veil has been put over them. Romans 9 comes to mind. Many churches and world religions never take the time to study this chapter because it is much too convicting when it comes to synergism and man-centered gospels.

If you are ignoring Scripture in any part in its systematic context, you are most likely following an invented tradition of man.  Everything in Scripture is connected as it speaks to the person and work of Jesus Christ. It is a church’s invented tradition placed ABOVE Scripture WHICH BREAKS THE CONNECTION!  Avoid these heresies, discern them.

If you are constantly avoiding every verse in a chapter to get to the verse which might look great for your man-made tradition, this is called cherry picking out of context.  I have encountered someone for years now for example who skipped John 5:24 to get to John 5:40 to attempt to place man sovereign over God in the salvation equation.  It is like verse 24 was not in his Bible.  Again, it is always a church’s tradition or pride in that tradition which will always break the context and systematic connection with what is actually being taught, so the veil is placed over parts of Scripture in order for that tradition to work.

When God removes the veil, the newly saved sinner is His student. They might not know everything, but each day enlightenment comes they start to connect the dots by the Holy Spirit’s guidance.  Avoid man’s tradition!

Never place a church’s statement of faith ABOVE Scripture, it is always subordinate.  

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