The gospel of Me!

What is the most popular “Christian” gospel on the market? I call it the “gospel of Me!”

It is a gospel which convicts no one, accepts everyone, and invents a Jesus to conform and appease to all sin while accepting as well unbelief in Him for the sake of self-esteem and self-aggrandisement.  Scripture in this false gospel is not about the person and work of Jesus Christ but me.   The sentiment Jesus wants me to fulfill all my worldly dreams, health, wealth, and happiness without anyone judging me or challenging me in my faith.

All roads lead to heaven in the gospel of me, it won’t discern false teachers because that would lower self-esteem and it is something the Jesus in this false gospel would supposedly never do.  So what if that church is teaching something never taught in Scripture, the gospel of me will accept them because this invented Jesus would too, stop being a hater they will scream!  Don’t bring up idolatry or sin or anything of the sort, we do not want sinners believing they need to repent of anything, the gospel of me’s Jesus wouldn’t like this.

God is only as holy as the best and moral human being around, anything beyond this and you are being a hater and God would be some sort of a monster.  The gospel of me preaches that since “God made me in His image” (you will hear it often with this false gospel), then I am just like Him. Forget about the fall of mankind in the Garden, that was just Adam and Eve’s failure, it doesn’t apply to me or others because we are “good” people are we not?

The gospel of me’s preacher will tell emotional stories of little Johnny and his mother how they struggled and then one day Jesus gave them a new home, how little Susan was picked on as a child and now with Jesus she is the richest woman on Wall Street, how Bill had trouble walking all his life, and now Jesus gave him a new knee and now Bill completed his first marathon.  The tear jerking stories keep coming and the attentive listener is told “you can be a champion too with Jesus”, combined with a couple of out of context Scripture verses and the sinner is now hooked on this gospel of me.

Jesus is just your buddy in the gospel of me, a pal, a colleague, and a salesman. He is not the King of kings, or Lord and Savior in this false gospel. He loves your sins in this gospel and is very tolerant of them, so no need to repent, just try to be the good person, empower yourself further in sin, but you are not as bad as those criminals on the nightly news. He accepts those “filthy rags” (“good” works) now where the sinner can add them to His perfect work and then figure into your heavenly status as well (nowhere taught in Scripture mind you).

Feeling guilty? The gospel of me won’t have any part of feeling guilty, the sin you commit is not really your fault, you are the victim in this gospel, others are to blame.  After all nobody’s perfect, right? So then why strive for holiness, others might be offended in this standing out, especially those members in a gospel of me church.  The gospel of me prompts the blending in with the world, love the world more and forget about that warning of being an enemy of God for this. The times have changed so must God so says the gospel of me.

The gospel of me is the most popular gospel of a sinful fallen world.  Megachurches thrive on this gospel as Scripture and doctrine are not centered Jesus Christ, but always man-centered in your desires and wants in a fallen world.  Jesus is the spiritual ATM machine and dishes out the prosperity by punching in the code which is either some vain selfish prayer or self-righteous ritual.

The glaring problem with the gospel of me? It saves no sinner!  When the teaching on sin and the holiness of God is avoided combined with removing Jesus Christ from the central message of Scripture, it is not Good News but actually bad news being taught.  Jesus did not die on the Cross to raise your self-esteem in a fallen world, He died to save you from your sins to give you HOPE in an eternal future from a fallen world!  And the hard thing for the gospel of me followers is this, Jesus did give up Himself for your redemption, but He did not die for your glory but His glory alone.  Each saved sinner from this rotten fallen world gives Him the glory!

It is never and was never about you!  It was and is always about Jesus Christ!  When we say repent and believe in Jesus alone and you shall be saved, it is His promise to His glory.  The gospel of me, myself, and I will never provide certainty or everlasting joy, it produce depression, anxiety, and false hope.

World religions such as Catholicism believe or not teach the gospel of me. It is always a self-seeking, self-centered, self-righteous faith, all about me what I can do, rather than trusting in what Jesus Christ DID and being all about Him.  Conversing with a Catholic for example you will find their blood pressure rising if you keep them focused on Jesus Christ alone.

Repent of the “gospel of me”, it was never about you!  The Gospel is always about Jesus Christ to His eternal glory alone!

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