Catholic Indoctrination

When I was a Roman Catholic, I was devout, militant, loved the church right up until God opened my eyes to His truth in Scripture.  It was at that time I realized I had been deceived. I was indoctrinated to the maximum.  I was a cradle Catholic, attended CC school, fully catechized on every aspect of Catholicism. I knew nothing else!

So when anyone came along, and there were few, who ever challenged my faith in the RCC, I hotly contested this. I could not understand what in the world they were talking about. Calling me an “idolater?”..My response always was “what idolatry?”.  Saying that I was unsaved?  No, that couldn’t be true, I attended church religiously and followed everything the RCC told me to practice in detail. Unlike other Catholics, I would explain, I actually followed church doctrine and adhered to it. That was my standard response, that the person was wrong for calling me unsaved because he or she must be talking about those cafeteria Catholics, not me.

The indoctrination of the RCC blinded me to Scripture, to biblical truth, to my sins I did not know I practiced.  My thought was “how could this 2,000 year old (self-declared) church be wrong?”.   And that was all the discernment I would practice, end of the line, argument over.  I never once tested RCC doctrines to Scripture, why would I, I thought, it just has to be truth. My family are all Catholics, my friends, and there are billions just like me, so why do I need to test anything was always my thinking.

When God regenerated my heart, I could see for the first time my SINS against Him! Yes, this is what God’s grace does, it removes all that religious self-righteous pride and exposes us for who we are. We finally are shown we are NOT “good people” as the RCC and other world religions led by Satan would have you to believe.  The sin debt is MASSIVE once God shows you, yes MASSIVE.  So much so, He teaches you that you could never pay this debt outside the person and work of Jesus Christ.  It will only be by faith alone in Him that this debt can be paid.  Yes, you are taught the one glorious truth, that you CANNOT SAVE YOURSELF. You need a Savior!  That there is no good deed one can do to remove just one sin, it remains on your account and you will account for each of them! With this grace, God shows you that you are TRAPPED in the burning wreck of your sins. He commands repentance as you are being pulled out by Jesus Christ from that burning wreck and you are now NO LONGER a rebel against Him but His very own child!

Catholics, you have been BLINDED to God’s truth! Yes blinded!  Pray that God opens your eyes!  You are not following the Jesus of Heaven, but the Jesus of the RCC.  The Jesus of the RCC teaches doubt, self-righteousness, self-governance, and dependency on a worldly church.  The Jesus of Heaven promises ETERNAL CERTAINTY and COMPLETE FORGIVENESS of your sins!

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