Roman Catholic Apathy

This is NOT a protestant versus Catholic issue, it is a right versus wrong problem!  A good versus evil exposure!  Get your head out of the sand, remove your religious pride for a second, and think about the children in your church!

Revelation 3:16  So then, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will vomit you out of My mouth.

A rather controversial confrontation when it comes to Catholics is when it comes to the systematic abuse of children in the Roman Catholic Church. On August 14, 2018, 6 large dioceses in Pennsylvania came under a Grand Jury indictment. 300 priests, 1000 children abused by predator priests, of which the report showed rather disgusting details such as “rape” being conducted under the name of God.  The cover-ups were the most revealing part of the report as the dioceses used the legal system to basically hide these criminals until the statute of limitations ran out, and then put them back into service as if nothing happened.

Why does this abuse continue? In my book called The Roman Catholic Problem, it is because of the indoctrinated apathy of the RCC congregation. They are unwilling to hold their church accountable, it is the defense of the institution OVER children in their church.  Despite measures they say that have been put in place, it still takes a Grand Jury to expose this abuse because we certainly would most likely never hear of it from the congregation or a word of it from RCC hierarchy.

Why is there apathy? In this indoctrinated cult-like environment, they see it as a defense of their religion. Outsiders they believe are trying to destroy the RCC, and it must be defended at all costs over any defense of a child. When those WITHIN the walls of the RCC are actually doing a masterful job at doing the destroying!

I was asked by a Catholic “well what can I do?”  My response was simple, speak out against this abuse and the cover-ups with zero tolerance!  This has nothing to do with someone challenging a doctrine of the church, it has everything to do with protecting children, and reaching out to the victims which aren’t the priests who did this abusing as the church wants to portray.  Challenge your church, write letters, organize groups, use social media with a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for any such abuse.

What else can you do? Instead of defending the church at all costs, acknowledge the tragedy and condemn the sin in no certain terms, and then reach out to the VICTIMS, not the priests, but the VICTIMS.  Treat every child in the church as your child, and say enough is enough!  I said this before, but if the abuse happened in a public school and the school officials covered it up, there is really no doubt in my mind that the Catholic parent would confront the school, challenge the officials. But there is every reason to doubt they would do the same thing if the abuse happened within their walls.

Why do I say this? Because in the past seven years of exposing this abuse, I see the comments from Catholics mainly being comparison fallacies. That because the abuse happened in some protestant church, then no one should or ever has the right to complain about RCC child abuse.  Then the false comparison to Judas.  Judas’ sin was betrayal of Jesus, I don’t read of him abusing children.   I then see the attack on the person exposing the crimes instead of the crime itself and then attack on the victims, as if they are to blame?

Catholics, WHEN are you going to be willing to put pride aside and say ENOUGH???  Why is it inconceivable to you to speak out against the RCC when it comes to these crimes against CHILDREN and anyone who attempted to cover them up?   Do you believe God agrees with such behavior?

This disgusting problem exposes more than just the disgusting crimes, but the unwillingness of the RCC congregation to do something about it, to challenge and confront their hierarchy, to speak out with ZERO TOLERANCE for ANY abuse of a child including in your confines of your religion.  This is not protestant versus Catholics, it is right versus wrong!


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