Catholic Slumber

Proverbs 21:24

A proud and haughty man—“Scoffer” is his name; He acts with arrogant pride.

It is an interesting phenomenon I have seen in the Catholic church congregation when it comes to the any exposure of child sexual abuse.  The first reaction seems to be a denial, then comes rationalizations.  This abuse happens in every part of society, however the vast secrecy and cover ups in this church has always been quite disturbing.

A website called is a source which publishes news articles from across the world showing any sexual abuse mainly in church settings.  One could go on this site each week for the past year, and see a story about a Catholic priest in a headline being either indicted, accused, or shown to have abused children. The stories can be daily as well.  This site has for years exposed and documented in detail the vast problem of sexual abuse in the Catholic church.

Yet, the Catholic congregation sleeps through the problem, hoping it will go away. The simple sentiment is “our church doesn’t teach it, so it is not our problem”.  This is used also to rationalize why polls show close to 79 percent of RCC congregation agreeing that abortion should be legal in some form and about 90 percent of Catholics under the age of 35 believe same-sex marriage should be legalized without question.

But it IS a deep-seeded problem!  ALL ongoing sin and debauchery will stem from somewhere.  The secular society has figured this out, so why does the Catholic church sleep through its problems?  Pride is one of the main reasons.  The Catholic does not like the idea of actually questioning the fruits being produced by its gospel.  Fear is another reason, as it just very well could call their faith into question.

Look, if just one or two or even ten Catholic priests abused children in the past 50 years, the Catholic might very well be right to look at this problem as an anomaly.  But this is no anomaly!  We are talking thousands of abused children and priests carrying out the abuse.  A headline each day or week should wake up the RCC congregation but it sleeps. Last week’s headline, 301 priests and a 1,000 children in Pennsylvania should wake them up, but they remain sleeping.

To the Catholic questioning on whether to leave the church, this should be your wake up call!  Not only because this problem continues and the church systematically covers up these crimes with a Grand Jury needed for transparency, but because of the stem where this is all coming from.

Would Jesus Christ be blessing or judging a church with this sort of problem?  Make no mistake, it isn’t a blessing!  Let’s put this into perspective shall we?  The RCC claims to be the one true church “founded by Jesus Christ, 2,000 years ago”.  If this were really the case, 2,000 years of growth and maturity would show this church by now as rooted out about every problem.  The comparison, would be the actual church. A born-again believer who hypothetically lived 2,000 years with the indwelling Holy Spirit, each day being conformed to the image of Jesus Christ, I would say there is not a chance this person would have the same issue, NOT A CHANCE.

Proverbs 16:18 Pride goes before destruction, And a haughty spirit before a fall.

I don’t just say this to Catholics, but anyone involved in an organization or church which systematically has shown itself to cover up evil. Expose them, call them out, and then run from these places if they continue to remain unrepentant.  The longer you stay, the more it shows you are content with being on the wide road to destruction.

A church Jesus is endorsing?  They are called to holiness, not to evil. They are growing and maturing, they are not on a continuous back-slide.  They are representing His name, yes HIS name!  His name is not to be continuously dragged through the mud and then rationalized for doing so by pride.  This church would NEVER put the institution above the protection of its own children.  His church would NEVER systematically for years cover up crimes against children let alone anyone for that matter. It wouldn’t take a secular authority to unmask its problems, as they would be transparent and repentant.

Dear Catholic, if TODAY you hear the voice of Jesus Christ, harden not your heart!  Sin and evil and cover ups of the abuse of children is NOT His voice!  Complacency towards evil is NOT His voice!  Sleeping through turmoil, looking the other way while children are being harmed, is NOT His voice!  Destroying faith in God in a child, is NOT His voice!

I plead with you today, TEST your faith, TEST your church’s doctrines, see where the stem of this evil is coming from, it is not from Jesus Christ!

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