Rebuke with ALL Authority

Titus 3:2, “These things speak, and exhort, and rebuke with all authority.  Let no man despise thee.”

As Christians in Jesus Christ, Paul makes it clear we do hold all authority to rebuke when it comes to sound and pure doctrine , to speech, and to behavior (Titus 3:7).  We are not to stick our heads in the sand in the face of opponents and by this rebuke they will be “put to shame” (Titus 3:8).

When faced with false teachers and false gospels, do not hold your tongue. Do not appease or compromise, but rebuke them.  Why is it important to do so?  It is not only the false teacher you are rebuking but anyone who would buy their nonsense and lies.

If you have been in the gospel sharing arena for sometime, you will sooner or later have run into a false gospel and false teacher or false promoter of this gospel. Roman Catholics come to mind. The pattern is pretty much always the same. They will preach their memorized talking points, the rebukes and refutations from Scripture can be used for each one, the Catholic will then play a helpless victim so that you to stop this rebuke and refutation.  And sometimes they will flee the conversation or group, seemingly wounded and martyred.  This is only done because they hope and wish that the Christian cease or change their bold approach.

But do not cease being bold in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It must be shared without an apology!  You are not out to make worldly friends of the perishing, your duty is to share the Gospel of their salvation.  I see many manipulators being strung along by Catholics. Those who believe they can somehow be nice enough to convince them of their errors. It won’t work!  The signal a Catholic gets is “my faith is just fine, and this non-Catholic agrees”.  I say this from personal experience. I stayed with that apostate church for decades because my faith was appeased and the gospel I believed was compromised to.

Those who ignore the call to rebuke with all authority, are ignoring their duty to the King, Jesus Christ.  One day we will all account for our actions. If you have been given eternal life from God, is there any duty to be ignored?  Heresy, false teachings and gospels must be confronted BOLDLY and with ALL AUTHORITY as they futilely attempt to destroy God’s kingdom.  Throwing your hands up to the enemy and surrendering, is not representing Jesus Christ.  And manipulation is also surrendering to the opponent, whether you believe it or not.

If you struggle in this discipline, watch and learn from those in God’s field who are hated by the enemy.  They are always unwavering, dutiful to their calling. They don’t take months off or days off from this duty and the enemy hates this!  They completely trust in their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and His sovereignty, and more importantly His Good News.  They aren’t out to make worldly friends and appease the enemy, but they give them no quarter because there is the UTMOST URGENCY. We aren’t given an unlimited amount of time for one thing.

The person being witnessed to could have their expiration date as today!  Let this sink in!  Yes today, that sinner you believe is following a false gospel and in need of salvation could be called by God today to account for their sins.  Rebuke with ALL authority with God’s revealed word as your only authority!  Take yourself out of the salvation equation, it is not about you, and it was never about you!   The sinner in need of Gospel is STILL in God’s wrathful judgment, keep this always in mind.

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