Roman Catholic Abuse Remedy

1 Corinthians 15:33  Do not be deceived: “Evil company corrupts good habits.”

It has been clear, the RCC cannot be trusted to investigate itself and provide a remedy to its ongoing problem with the abuse of children.  The congregation for the most part refuses to confront their hierarchy or if there is any mention, it comes without any real teeth in order to combat abuse and prevent children in the RCC of this abuse.  The cult-like mentality is to delicately protect the institution at all costs first, before even thinking about protecting a child.

Remedies which need to be implemented in the United States.

The Dept. of Justice needs immediately to open up statewide investigations into every diocese, empowering every U.S. attorney with subpoena power.

Victims of this abuse must freely be able to come forward without threats or accusations of lying.  Unless the laity in the RCC are willing to set something like this up, the abuse will continue and the victims will hide in shame.  If the RCC is unwilling, each state should set up a center for these victims.  The #metoo campaign started in a godless secular Hollywood society, why hasn’t it started in the RCC?

The U.S. State Dept. needs to get involved, demanding that the Vatican open up its secret archive on this abuse throughout the centuries. This will give the actual picture of what the U.S. is dealing with.  To this date, all we see are the slow dribble of inform. once a prosecutor investigates for years because of ZERO cooperation from the Vatican and the RCC.

Any U.S. bishop or cardinal or vicar general involved in covering up the abuse, or moving predators around, or hiding predator priests to stave off statute of limitations must be prosecuted as conspirators of this abuse.

Priests using any inappropriate language or behavior to children should be immediately expelled, something the RCC has been unwilling to do. So this is where the RCC laity needs to rise up and take control, demand accountability. Until this is done? Priests will be free to abuse children under a cover of red tape and secrecy.

U.S. politicians NEED TO STOP running from this problem!  They don’t speak out for the fear of the Catholic vote.  To me, this is the most pathetic revelation from the RCC abuse problem. They give the RCC a free pass and the RCC gladly takes it. Kind of makes you wonder why Nancy Pelosi is allowed by the RCC to say she is a “good Catholic” even though she supports abortion and same-sex marriage?  Maybe it is called “buying her silence” over this endemic abuse . Now if this were to happen in the DNC or RNC for example, the opposing party would be constantly sounding off and exposing and demanding action from the justice dept.

Unless at least some of these remedies are used, the abuse problem will continue on in the U.S.  Sure, the RCC will make some grand statements in the meantime, claiming “all is under control. measures are being taken”, but those who have been a Catholic in the 1990s, you heard this same thing when the first cases were exposed.  I heard it again in the early-mid 2000’s when more cases were exposed.  The fact is, the RCC cannot be trusted to investigate itself.

God will repay, and those Roman Catholics who continue to sleep through this abuse will account for it sooner or later.  Your silence and unwillingness to do anything makes you COMPLICIT with the sins. Your money being sent to the Vatican coffers to cover up these crimes makes you COMPLICIT with the sins of these predators.  You are in fact a co-conspirator whether you believe it or not.

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