God’s Sovereign Rule

Since the beginning, by the devil’s prompting man has always tried to assert freedom from God’s sovereign rule.  Terms are given to God on how He must act, how He must love, how He must not cross the boundary into man’s freedom, how He must just accept certain lesser sins in man’s eyes, and how He must conform and change and adapt to what sinful man would desire.

Psalm 2:4 He who sits in the heavens shall laugh;
The Lord shall hold them in derision.

God simply laughs at this attempt. He has been always in control. Any unbounded freedom we perceive is fleeting.  Man is free to pursue the nature they possess, whether sinful and fallen desiring sin or reborn and saved desiring holiness. God does not micromanage our actions or choices, but those actions and choices are never outside of His control.

We will not know all His workings and the depths of His counsel. Things like restraining evil, etc. are something by our finite minds cannot comprehend.  God knows every birth date and every death date, think about this!  Take as many vitamins as you wish, try to close yourself off to reality, but none of us will cheat physical death.  We can use the example of abortion, a murder of the unborn.  Is God not in control? Is He not making it manifest that man’s heart at the core is evil and that without His restraining hand on this evil, we all would be aborted?

The fear of God brings wisdom. This wisdom is to submit to His sovereignty and LOOK for His hand in everything.  He brings judgment onto this fallen world just as He is merciful and provides an abundance of grace and patience.  There is not one soul outside of His rule. To the unwitting eye, you might believe God is a bystander and is in only control of the good.  But ask yourself about the evil actions of man, how He is still in control based on the evil being snuffed out by judgment and restrained from continuing.

It is the devil which will whisper “you are a free agent, free beyond the control of God”. But he even knows this is a lie.  It doesn’t prevent him from spreading the lie though, he gets off on it when people believe this lie.

Make NO mistake, God is sovereign!  Every thought, deed, word, and action are never beyond His control as He works everything to the good of those who love Him.  Fear Him, praise Him, and more importantly SUBMIT and SURRENDER to Him! Lay down your arms, lay down your rebellion where you sought freedom beyond Him.  It is only then, you will hopefully realize you do NEED A SAVIOR, Jesus Christ to save you from this wretched rebellion!


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