Why Share the Gospel to Catholics?

Romans 10:15 How will they preach unless they are sent? Just as it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news of good things!”

I was asked over the weekend why I “was sharing the Gospel to Catholics if they are unable to believe?”.   My response was to ask “what makes you believe they are all unable?”  I asked this because for four decades I certainly was unable, but then God opened my eyes and ears and I was completely able.

We cannot look into the hearts and minds of others, that is God’s court, not ours. Our duty as Christians is to share the Good News to everyone and anyone. I do not and will not discriminate with others in this Good News based on my personal feelings or emotions.

Just because the Catholic you are witnessing to is not listening now, does not mean God will not enable them to listen in the future!  I can count on maybe one hand how many folks actually shared the Gospel with me in the four decades of being a Roman Catholic, and wonder at times IF there were more, I may have not spent so much time in darkness.  And IF that one person who did eventually come along did not come along, would I still be in darkness.

Do not shirk your duties to the King because you personally are not seeing the results. You do not know nor might NEVER know the workings of God’s hand on a heart.  He may not let you know to work on your own pride, removing you from the conversion you believe you made. God is always the sovereign converter, not you.

Don’t measure the success of the Gospel, rest in it, and trust in it!  God never fails to reach His children, remember NO sheep will be lost and how GREAT it is that He called you to be a searcher, a guide for Him! The mere fact He has entrusted you with His Good News should be all the encouragement and joy you need, don’t expect more.

So preach the Gospel with boldness to any Catholic or any lost sinner. Do not place expectations on their understanding, trust in God.  Never discriminate or withhold the Good News, it is not yours to withhold!  You should realize how joyous it truly is in being called and put into God’s field by Him.  You are not God, you are His servant remember this always. No duty He has graced you with should be shirked for pride and personal gain. How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news of good things!”

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