Why Catholicism WILL Fail you!

Former Catholics, now Christians, will often be the most vocal in sounding the warning to current Catholics that they are being deceived. We are NOT doing this because we hate Catholics, or that we somehow are just speculating. Many of us would tell you that we would STILL be Catholics if not for God opening our eyes to His truth.

A Catholic reading the title of this post, might immediately think “no, it won’t fail me”. That is your natural reaction. It is like someone being scammed out of their money, and friends or family coming along and telling you point for point that you are indeed being scammed. The natural reaction is of pride and claim “that cannot be!” But it doesn’t dismiss reality.

What is the truth? Catholicism does not teach the saving Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. It has invented a Jesus, who looks good on the surface, the religious pomp and circumstance may make it look as if they love God, as if they are following Jesus Christ, but just digging a little deeper than surface observations should tell you that the Roman Catholic Church is not a church Jesus is building.

If you really have placed faith in God, you know without a doubt, and believe blindly that He is God in all of His majesty and power. That if Jesus promises you eternal life by placing your faith alone in Him, you shall be saved, that this promise cannot go away. God cannot lie to you.

What Catholicism teaches is that you WILL fail. They teach you to doubt in Jesus Christ, and place your trust in yourself. Will you make it to Sunday Mass for example? Will you participate religiously in every sacrament? Will God cleanse you in a fictional place called purgatory through the indulgences of other sinners like yourself? Will Mary intercede for your sins?

Jesus Christ never fails, Catholicism has failed and will continue to fail you. Look no further to today’s headlines of cover-ups and crimes against children to realize that it will fail you. Scripture is clear, there is no other way you can be saved other than through the person and work of Jesus Christ.

Placing extra biblical traditions OVER the word of God is one CLEAR way the Catholic Church shows their hand at deception. They want you to believe that without those extra biblical traditions, you cannot be saved. Yet they fail the very revealed word of God every step of the way. So yes, if you have any doubt about Catholicism, know that it fails you!

If you are prideful Catholic as I was for four decades? That pride leads to bitterness, uncertainty, and in the end lest you repent, eternal hell. I and other Christians know we cannot convert you, we can only keep exhorting you to TEST these things in light of Scripture. Remove that pride.

Do non-Catholics desire Catholics to end up in hell? NOT IN THE LEAST! I would not even desire that for my WORST enemy. Hell is place where there will no time for a change of mind! Take the worst day of your life and multiply it to an eternity, and that is what you will experience in hell. Do you really want to end up where Satan and his demons are going?

You can discard this message with distaste if you wish. Just know every parroted talking point, lie, innuendo, rationalization, and excuse will be of NOTHING on Judgment Day. All those Catholic talking points you will find failed you when you are in front of God and the ONLY comparison He will make is YOU to Himself! And if Jesus Christ is not your sole Mediator, it will be off to hell without another thought.

So today, if you have not done so, PLEASE believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Leave the Roman Catholic Church and you shall see His glory! No more be bound by the chains of a world religion and come into the rest of Jesus Christ where He offers only peace, joy, and thanksgiving by His grace alone!

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