The False Religion of Climate Change

Recently several U.S. Democrat politicians have claimed that “without addressing climate change with very radical changes which must be made, the world will end in 12 years”. When pressed what this is based on, they will scream, “it is science you dummy!”. Make no mistake the climate change phenomenon is a religion which is in a hyper-mode in the United States. Many are currently worshiping at the climate change altar, some so devoted to this idol, they would probably give up their life for this false religion. If challenged, you will be declared a lunatic as they emotionally declare “how DARE you even question us!”…Every cult-like false religion does this mind you!

Around 10-15 years ago, former U.S. VP Al Gore declared the precursor to this religion, who called it “global warming”. Charts and graphs were displayed indicating that because of man made carbon dioxide emissions, the polar bears and ice caps would be extinct in ten years based on this supposed rapid warming of the earth’s atmosphere based on an invisible CO2 cloud which acts as a heat trap, creating a greenhouse effect. The polar bears and ice caps are still here, and some reports have shown they have grown.

So what does EVERY false religion do? They move the goal post. The Millerites, a religious sect who now have morphed into the Seventh Day Adventist church, claimed that the end of the world would precisely come on 4-28-1843. They prepared for this date, sold everything they had, and when the world did not end, they moved the date to “sometime before the end of 1843”. They produced mathematical analysis from the Book of Daniel, claiming this would be the year the world would end. When 1843 came and went, they moved the date to 3-21-1844. When that date failed, they moved it to 10-22-1844. When that date failed, they twisted the meaning into claiming that Christ did return and produced an investigative judgment, something the current SDA church believes. That basically the world ended “spiritually”, so they claimed they weren’t technically wrong.

Harold Camping, a false teacher, claimed the same thing as the Millerites in 2011. He claimed the end would come on 5-21-2011. When that date failed, he moved the date to 10-21-2011, claiming a miscalculation. When that date failed, he claimed that there was a “Spiritual Judgment” took place on his earlier May-2011 predicted date.

Camping and the Millerites are just two examples, but throughout history there have been MANY false religions and false prophets giving predictions to the end, and people buy it hook, line, and sinker. When the Bible says clearly, there will be signs of the end, but NO ONE will know the exact time and date other than God Himself. Some have done this as a money making scheme as I see with the climate change pastors of this new false religion which is garnering publicity.

See? If you can sell the claim that the world will end on a specific date or year, there are people who will obviously buy into the religion. Just scare the wits out of an ignorant crowd, and you have succeeded. Put up some charts, graphs, mathematical convoluted theories, along with tearful emotional passionate pleadings, and you will gather your flock. 12-21-2012 was another supposed end of the world date, a grandiose fictional Hollywood movie was made based on this.

The progression of the climate change religion is the same as every false teaching throughout history. Putting prediction dates down as factual is the last ploy to gather as many ignorant people into your camp as possible in order for the scheme to become supercharged. They say “if nothing is done, and severe radical changes (to one country mind you), the world will cease to exist in 12 years”. The scam is to get a massive movement to the altar of climate change, the more worshipers in this religion and the stronger the worshiping of the climate change IDOL, the more power they believe they have, and the skewed misinformation seems more factual, where the goal posts can continue to move.

So what is the clue of the scam in this religion? The “12 years proclamation”. Read between the lines to know what the U.S. Dem Party is doing by that number. A U.S. President’s term is 4 years, with a maximum of 8 years. By 12 years, they are indicating that IF you do not buy into their religion, meaning electing a Democratic President and Congress in 2020, 2024, and in 2028, the world will end. This is an attempt to scare the ignorant American into their votes, meaning a power grab. They aren’t out to save the planet, they are out to secure political power for a generation. They then can employ infanticide, their progressive spending ideology, and other immoralities with ease. Let’s face it, it would be only way they can think the U.S. would abandon capitalism for socialism, and climate change is the vehicle they believe will get them there.

So the 12 years will most likely come and go, but the climate change adherents and pastors will continue to move the goal post. The new claim at that point will be, “we miscalculated, science changes, so we believe it will be another 12 years”, and so on. Those who oppose this false religion will be deemed “nut cases”. New charts will be made, more drastic scare tactics will be issued, just more nonsense in the scheme to hold political power.

“It is climate change stupid, ever heard of it? Scientists say it is real and beyond your human reason”

Yes, make NO mistake, climate change hoaxers are peddling a religion. You will hear the claim that their scientists are basically infallible. They cannot be challenged, incapable of being wrong. Every false religion will have the pleading to infallible false teachers. You now hear this in political debates, the appeal to science is always pleaded as infallible. Yet, anyone with a scientific background understands something called the Scientific Method. Like evolution, climate change is a theory, not a fact, because there is no real time laboratory data to prove the theorem. So fancy charts and predictors are made in the scheme to claim that this has to be an “infallible fact”..mind you, with many holes, convoluted goal post moving, and questions unanswered.

There are three reasons why the climate change religion has taken hold. A secular society who does not believe in a Creator who actually is the only one who has deemed the end, the attempt to garner power over an ignorant secular society by a scare tactic, and the money which can be made by this religion.

Some religious adherents believing they are “saving the climate”, will give up all their money, they will gladly have their homes and cars confiscated by a central government, they will do everything their clueless politician tells them to do, only to sadly find out as the Millerites did in 1844 and every other “end of the world” religion, that they had been scammed.

If you are worshiping at the altar of climate change, STOP and THINK! Do your politicians have your best interest in mind? Or are they out to take what’s in your pocket while moving the goal post so as to keep you hooked on their FALSE religion so they stay in power. Don’t be the sad sack 12 years from now, when you are told a whole new set of “facts” while trying in futility to defend your false religion.

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