10 Things to Grow your Witness to Catholics

If you currently are witnessing in the largest mission field on the planet, the RCC, these are some ways to grow your witness to them.

1. Do not take extended time outs. We all need a break here and there, the mission field can be exhausting, but do not leave for an extended period of time. You will lose your audience, and Catholics will see you as non-committal.

2. Study the CCC, which is the Catholic Catechism. It is available online. A good way to research a subject is to type in your Google search for example as “CCC baptism”, and the corresponding reference will come up. You can do this with about any topic. You will grow in knowledge as to what the RCC is actually teaching, instead of blindly throwing quips out you may have heard from a Youtube video or a pastor.

3. Stay away from non-proofs. Much is out there on the Internet, do not share information which is not true about the RCC. There is much disinformation being shared, mainly on the pope which gets disproved and you look silly for sharing it. Stay away from those obscure links, they will serve you no purpose. Want to be cast as an “Anti-Catholic Hater”? Just post disinformation or non-proofs on the church. Use credible websites and news organizations as your sources. A tip on this, is there will always be many news articles on a topic if it is factual, if there are just one or two from obscure weblinks stay away from them.

4. Ask questions rather than projecting. Posts or comments telling Catholics they are lost without telling them WHY they are will not help your cause with them. Try forming a strong witness from Jesus Christ to them from His word which they cannot get around. Do NOT ask a question to which you do not know the answer. Trial lawyers know this, those sharing the Gospel must as well. Asking a question which you do not know the answer, will lose your witness to a Catholic.

5. Learn from mistakes. We all make them, we are human. We may in a rush do or say something to a Catholic and then regret doing this. Learning is part of GROWING. What is there to be proud about outside of Jesus Christ? Nothing, so don’t take it personal. We hate making mistakes, but the key is to admit the mistake and then learn from it. Take any job you have had, we all start by learning, we make mistakes, and over time we become more experienced.

6. LEARN WHEN TO STOP! This to me is one of the hardest things for me to do, but we must learn when to stop playing on a Catholic’s merry go round. Rest in the Gospel you just shared, stop engaging them if they want to repeat something you just refuted a couple of times. Move along to the next Catholic. You did your duty for the King, just move forward. It is kind of like trying to give water to a marathon runner, don’t chase after them if they spurn your effort.

7. Study Scripture. Don’t relax your studying of Scripture. In order to be an effective witness, you need to be grounded in Scripture. You must be prepared for the Catholic’s questions on any point in Scripture, they are seeking ways to dismiss you and this is one of the ways they attempt to. Usually a Catholic will attempt to cherry pick a verse, so be prepared to refute their position which will be by imposing Catholicism into the verse or passage which is NOT there.

8. Preparation in your own witness or as Peter said “be prepared to given an account for the hope that is in you”. Do you have a personal witness and testimony? If you are a Christian, you do! But we need to think on these things a bit more. The Catholic needs to know that you are living by the Gospel you are preaching. So if you are going to tell them they are unsaved for example, explain to them why YOU are saved.

9. Expand your reach. Let go of some Catholics and search for new ones. Look and seek for ways to engage them. You don’t have to look too far, by the way. With growth comes boldness. Over time, your reach will be able to go anywhere. You should be confident to debate any RCC priest, bishop, or even the pope if necessary. Remember that KEY ALLY who indwells you, the Holy Spirit, rely on Him, trust in Him! Also remember you are the means being used by God to His ends, a very valuable component of His to the Kingdom!

10. Study logical fallacies, such as strawmans, begging the question, non sequiturs. These are the three main invalid arguments you will find with Catholics. They are attempts to divert away from a question you ask without answering your question. A typical fallacy they provide is when you ask “tell me what must one do to be saved”, and the Catholic over a course of comments will say “what about those 33,000 denominations”. Discern these fallacies, call them out when they use one, point out that that response to your question is invalid.

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