Don’t Let Politics Become Your Religion

John 18:36 Jesus answered, “My kingdom is not of this world. If My kingdom were of this world, My servants would fight, so that I should not be delivered to the Jews; but now My kingdom is not from here.”

In today’s highly charged political society, it can be tempting to engage in debates with opposing political viewpoints. The danger is that it becomes a higher purpose in your life, and the kingdom of Jesus gets put in the closet. It in fact then becomes your religion.

In the 2016 election primaries, we viewed these rampant religions parted by political lines. People taking off of work, their families, going to church, etc. to attend political rallies on a whim where they could cheer on their idol.

Social media is littered with the back and forth, each party trying to one up the other. Each party playing the victim and the predator at the same time. People being triggered at the mere mention of the president’s name. People attacking others for wearing a hat, spewing out “you are a racist!”, and other darkness we all have witnessed.

It is perfectly fine to stay on top of things, to view the issues, but there is a line not to cross. The line is when your political views now are dominating your life so much so it defines you. In other words, you are not seen as a Christian, but as a Republican or Democrat or any other party.

Some “evangelicals” try to blur the lines. They get really engaged in the political debate, while claiming they are “evangelicals” at the same time. Christianity has no equal King, Jesus Christ is and was always above any political party. Everything that becomes equal or greater in your life is an IDOL, thus you commit idolatry.

Look at this way, the political candidate you might be quite passionate about is quite temporal. Many leave office after a few years, Jesus Christ is eternal. Is it not silly to waste your passion on them? Being informed and engaged is one thing, giving up your money and all of your time to a political party is another thing. The latter shows that it has become your new religion.

So what is the advice? It is called discerning balance. Never allow a passion to surpass or even come close to equal to your passion in Jesus Christ. Don’t let those things such as politics or sports or anything else define you if you are a Christian. Imagine your tombstone, would you want written on it “He was a great Republican” or “The most awesome fan of XYZ team”? Don’t let those passions define you! Let Christ define you!

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