Phases as a Former Catholic

Leaving the RCC after God has opened your eyes to His truth is a highly exciting time, it can be one of the most stressful times. But the good greatly outweighs the stress.

First Phase – The Sounding Horn
The first thing I for one realized is that I had been deceived. I wanted every Catholic around me in my life to also realize this. “Can’t you see this?” was the desperate question which enveloped me. Every part of you wants to scream out the Good News of Jesus Christ which just saved you. You want everyone to know. You can get down on yourself because what you will quickly realize, is that salvation is by grace alone, you are not the converter. So you will be rejected more times than not. The key is to trust in the Gospel, let God do the rest.

Second Phase – Anger at the RCC
It is natural to be angry at the RCC. They managed to employ decades of deception and you feel scammed. Unfortunately it is called “life”. We all have to deal with it in this fallen world. No one is above deception. The mere picture of the pope, or stepping into a RCC turns your stomach. This is a natural reaction for a new creation in Christ. So no, it is not abnormal. But don’t let your righteous anger turn into non-righteous anger. Be careful that you don’t preach falsehoods about the RCC for sake of this anger. And so that Catholics you are witnessing to know where your anger is directed, it is not at them, but the RCC which has been deceiving them.

Third Phase – Love for Catholics
As you mature in Christ, the Gospel is also growing in your witness. The love for Catholics in this is your zeal to be truthful and bold with them. There is now an urgency in sharing the Gospel with them. You do not discriminate just to your friend/family, but now the Gospel is going to all. You see Catholics as unsaved, and in love, you desire their salvation. This love grows, it doesn’t diminish. You study the CCC more to find out more ways to show Catholics HOW they had been deceived. You study and fellowship more with other former Catholics and Christians so to grow your witness, to be more effective.

Fourth Phase – Comfort in Your Salvation
At first you could never have stepped foot in another RCC, the anger, and deception you experienced was much too painful. Now as you grow and mature, you are able to attend a funeral for a Catholic friend, not participating in the Mass, but are comfortable enough to mourn with the mourning now. Sometimes the pain and hurt have not subsided, don’t worry, it isn’t because you aren’t growing, it is because God is still working His purpose in you, molding you in your witness. But in this phase, you are completely comfortable to witness to any Catholic, because you are more at rest in Jesus Christ. Nothing can get to you. Your anger has subsided, as time has healed you by the grace of God.

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