What Catholics Are Not Seeing

The first thing you should know and understand about Catholics, is that most view themselves as “good people”. They are fine upstanding members of their community. They attend Mass, they haven’t murdered anyone, they haven’t stolen anything or cursed as much as others do, in their mind they are subjectively keeping the commandments. They go to confession, confess their sins of which they know they have committed to a priest, and do their penance. By this they remain “good people”.

The Pharisee of old had this very mindset. However, they took it even further than Catholics and invoked many laws of religious piosity of which they followed, so that they were seen as more morally “good” by God. And we see in Scripture the utter rebuke Jesus gave them each time they tried to invoke that religious “goodness”. Jesus never said “great job!”..No! He rebuked them for not believing in the only One, Himself, by His PERFECT righteousness only they could be saved.

So what are Catholics NOT seeing as the Pharisees did not see? That they are vile enemies and sinners in God’s sight. Moral relativism which is a staple to Catholicism has deceived them into thinking they are “good”, or in “a state of grace” with God. They like the Pharisees are NOT depending on Jesus Christ’s righteousness to save them, but their own.

If you don’t believe me? Try this test. If you know a religious Catholic, watch their reaction when you say “you are nothing but a vile, rotten, wretched, sinner in God’s sight”. This was enough to get me immediately bounced out of a Facebook group for telling a Catholic this truth. They will revile and coil up in anger if they are told this truth, that we are all sinners, born and sworn enemies of God. And that the only way one can be seen as “righteous” is to place their faith alone in the perfectly Holy and Righteous One, Jesus Christ. And by this, His righteousness is credited to you! The Good News!

What Christians can admit and Catholics cannot is that we are ALL decrepit rotten and evil sinners. That God is holy, and no human being is! Quite simply they diminish God’s holiness by the idolatry of the human being. It is how they can say with ease that “Mary was sinless” and their pope is called “His Holiness”. Neither would be holy outside of Jesus Christ, but it is something Catholics do not see. They are blinded to this fact.

Because IF you really contemplated who God is, eternally holy, not a sinful inclination from all eternity, not even a thought to sin, and then compared yourself to Him? You could SEE that you are a sinner in NEED of a Savior. Until then, you will allow yourself to be deceived by the devil who whispers “you are good” and “no Jesus Christ is needed”.

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