The SHEER EMPTINESS of Catholicism

Gallup polls taken in 2018 show the average Catholic Mass attendance now is down to and average 39% of baptized Catholics. In the age group of 21-29, this percentage is at a meager 25%.

So what does this tell us?

1. Catholics are under a threat of a supposed mortal sin. They are required by the RCC to attend Sunday Mass along with “Holy Days of Obligation” or they commit what is called a “mortal sin”, they are now in danger of hell fire, not according to God or Scripture, but according to their own invention.

So by logic here and the percentages, this tells us 61% of the RCC congregation are now on their way to eternal hell unless they confess this sin, again just according to the RCC, not God or Scripture. They desire this invented “mortal sin” more so than attending the RCC Mass.

NOTE: For the Catholic reading this, you ARE NOT going to hell based on Mass attendance. Actually I would say those who stopped attending, the 61% have a much better chance now in hearing and understanding the actual Gospel of their salvation. They hopefully have figured out that the RCC is NOT the church Jesus is building and the sham of Mass attendance is this indicator.

2. Let’s look at the age group of 21-29, a putrid Mass attendance record of 25%. By the RCC doctrine of baptism, they claim that the Catholic has been born-again. Meaning the Catholic is indwelled by the Holy Spirit, enlightened by God, being guided by God. As every Christian who has been actually born-again, the excitement levels for new believers is not evident in the RCC. We should see the attendance levels for that age bracket double the average, not significantly less.

It is evidence of the sheer emptiness of Catholicism. The young Catholic is astute to this emptiness and thus have figured out that this whole Mass attendance threat is really a sham. They attended many Masses and are still lifeless, so they say “what is the use!”.

But the point is, the RCC baptism is ALSO a fraud! Catholics are demonstrating they have NOT been born-again, the sacrament did not do the trick! Meaning that Scripture is correct once again, that the regeneration of a sinner is solely done by the hand of God, NOT by a religious ritual or a sinner priest taking the place of God.

3. Now let’s compare the attendance levels in non-Catholic churches. Why would for example Grace Community Church in Riverside CA be filled each Sunday now for 40 plus years? There is NO threat of any mortal sin handed down by the elders of this church for attendance. The sermons generally last close to an hour or more, the services are much longer than a Catholic Mass as well, yet every seat is filled. I would put their attendance average to be 95%, compare that to the RCC’s average of 39% with their invented threat of a “mortal sin”.

Not only Grace Community Church, but about every Christian fellowship will have stellar attendance records. These Christians are NOT attending each week to stave off a mortal sin if they did not attend mind you, they are there to fellowship with other Christians, to be further equipped in the word of God, to pray and worship with others in communion with Jesus Christ.

But a Catholic under a guilt threat will attend or they may not attend?

4. If the pope removed this sin for church attendance, where would these numbers be? Based on the current trend, that number immediately drops, it does not rise. The threat would have been removed, so instead of a 39% attendance record, that number would drop to most likely below 10% in a very short while. And those between 21-29? That number goes down to less than 5% very quickly.

Something is amiss here. Catholics will boast constantly of their dear RCC. They will boast in all the standard RCC talking points such as “we are the church Jesus founded”, “we gave the world the Bible”, and on they go. Their pride in the RCC is profound, yet the Mass attendance levels speak a vastly different story!

Put it this way, if Jesus was truly present in the sacramental bread and wine of the RCC Eucharist as the RCC claims, if the Catholic was truly born again by RCC baptism, then that RCC church attendance would be staggering, they would live in the church, as we see in non-Catholic churches without any threat of a mortal sin.

It PROVES to provide just MORE evidence that the RCC is NOT the church Jesus is building! The new innate desire to worship and fellowship is not being seen in Catholics. Most attend under the guilt threat, not because they have this innate desire. In other words, a Catholic is really never freely attending Mass, they are their under an invented obligation they have bought into!

This is more evidence of the sheer emptiness of Catholicism. Catholics feel hollow, empty inside. The RCC is NOT filling them because the Good News of Jesus Christ is not being shared.

If you are in that 61% who have stopped attending, now is the time to come into the actual rest of Jesus Christ! Place your faith alone in Him today! Seek a fellowship outside the RCC where you will be equipped, where Christians will support you, where they will hold you accountable so you grow in your sanctification, where instead of feeling spiritually dead and empty every day, you begin anew and fill ALIVE for the first time in your life!

The Unhappiness and Emptiness of Catholicism

“Don’t be frontin me” is a street slang term which basically means, “you are not being honest, you are not giving me the the real story, you are just giving the window glossing, you speak only of the externals, I know you are being dishonest”. “Frontin” is a way to maintain an image while using deception.

Roman Catholics harbor this “frontin”. They might tell you they love being a Catholic, speak glowingly of the RCC, defend the RCC at all costs, but they are never being totally honest with you. Inside there is a deep uncertainty and a sheer emptiness.

Depending on the day, a Roman Catholic might love the church or feel spiritually close to God, again depending on the day. Since it is a self-governed, self accountable, self-serving type of faith, there is much unhappiness and emptiness. The real world circumstances come first before any faith in God.

There really is NO accountability in Roman Catholicism. You are on your own. A Catholic family might hold their children accountable to the faith up until the age of 18, then basically they are on their own. Many fall away from the church at that point. Mind you, this same religion calls these children “born-again” through RCC baptism, but many will end up later in life as agnostic, atheists, or grasping on to other world religions. This would be one point of evidence of the sheer unhappiness and emptiness of Roman Catholicism. They show themselves as lifeless, there is no evidence of being born-again by the Holy Spirit in Jesus Christ.

Lapsed Catholics are a clear indication that the RCC is NOT the church Jesus is building! If one’s heart has been regenerated by the Holy Spirit, their sins forgiven by the work of Jesus Christ, His righteousness imputed to their account, there is no such thing as being “lapsed”. There could be very temporary backsliding here and there, but the one born-again new desire is to stay in the family of God, not to seek ways to leave. Sorry to inform Catholics, but the RCC is NOT that family of God.

Why is there such unhappiness and emptiness in Roman Catholicism? Because the Good News is not shared by Roman Catholicism. What is taught is uncertainty in Jesus Christ, and when there is doubt, there is unhappiness and the result is emptiness. Many Catholics such as my own Dad get to the point of “what’s the use?” They lived Roman Catholicism for decades and the emptiness becomes much too illogical to continue on with.

The “fronting” Catholics you will run into? Well, they will be the ones judging these lapsed Catholics, claiming basically they just couldn’t make it, they just weren’t “good Catholics”, in other words the self righteous fangs will come out. Again, since it is a self righteous faith, it is by self-serving devotion one can “make it”.

Make no mistake, Roman Catholics are spiritually empty. Some will put on a front to make it only seem they are happy in their faith, and this could be a day by day occurrence, some days not so much.

If you are a Roman Catholic and have read this and want to fill that emptiness? There is something which will! It is called the Good News of Jesus Christ! By placing your faith alone in Him, by casting aside all that idolatry and vain religious pomp and circumstance you have been lead to believe in, and truly believing that Jesus is the ONLY way, the ONLY truth, the ONLY life, you WILL be filled! There is NO emptiness or unhappiness being in His eternal rest, just JOY!

Don’t waste another day in sheer unhappiness and emptiness in a religion which does not share with you the Good News of Jesus Christ! As Andrew and Simon did by the Sea of Galilee, make it a point today just LEAVE your past life in the dust and follow Jesus Christ!

Open your Bibles, and you will be filled through the awesome promises of the word of God! You are empty for one reason, Roman Catholicism is NOT filling you! It is God who can and WILL fill you with the Holy Spirit, only then that deep spiritual sadness and uncertainty will leave you, only then you will go from feeling empty to being filled with joy!

Romans 8:31 What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us? 32 He who did not spare His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not with Him also freely give us all things? 33 Who shall bring a charge against God’s elect? It is God who justifies. 34 Who is he who condemns? It is Christ who died, and furthermore is also risen, who is even at the right hand of God, who also makes intercession for us. 35 Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword? 36 As it is written:

“For Your sake we are killed all day long;
We are accounted as sheep for the slaughter.”

37 Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us. 38 For I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities nor powers, nor things present nor things to come, 39 nor height nor depth, nor any other created thing, shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord

Equipped by the Roman Catholic Church?

2 Timothy 3:16 All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, 17 that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work.

I can say from personal experience of 4 plus decades, that one is NOT being Spiritually equipped by going to RCC Mass, studying Roman Catholicism, participation in RCC sacraments, studying the Catholic Catechism or Councils.

Roman Catholicism is the antithesis to Scripture and I do not say this as a baseless opinion, but as a fact. Every Roman Catholic in a debate will attack Scripture’s complete and total sufficiency to equip the child of God. Scripture is NOT encouraged in Roman Catholicism, it is not exhorted either. It is merely used as a prop, a reference guide when and if only needed.

1 Timothy 4:1, “Now the Spirit expressly states that in later times some will abandon the faith to follow deceitful spirits and the teachings of demons”

Roman Catholicism does equip the Roman Catholic, but ONLY in the world religion of Catholicism. The Roman Catholic views this false version of Christianity as the truth, with the basis or standard of this truth through what is called circular reasoning, an invalid premise.

Since Scripture is NOT equipping the Roman Catholic, it is the church, so the circle goes like this. When asked how does a Catholic know that the RCC is the one true church, they will basically reply “the church told me so”. This is called circular reasoning and is invalid because the circle is not ending in the ultimate authority of Scripture.

2 Corinthians 11:13 “For such men are false apostles, deceitful workers, masquerading as apostles of Christ.”

When confronted with the truth in Scripture showing its complete sufficiency because ultimate authorities are naturally self authenticating, it is rejected for the teaching of the RCC. You won’t find biblically based Roman Catholics, but you will ALWAYS find extra biblical based Roman Catholics. Their appeal will always be OUTSIDE of Scripture, to early church fathers for example, to councils, to mystical things they have been taught by the RCC and to worldly rationalizations such as “we are a large historical church” or the emotional appeal that the RCC is a generous and charitable organization.

The fact of the matter, the Roman Catholic is NOT being equipped for every good work as Paul stated, because Scripture is not being used in this equipping. The majority of Roman Catholics could not tell you where their Bible is or have not opened one in years. What you will find littered in a Roman Catholic’s home is Roman Catholic literature. Be that books such as from false teacher Scott Hahn, Roman Catholic magazines, Roman Catholic books on saints, Marian prayer booklets or pamphlets, etc. The Bible is NOT the standard for the truth for the Roman Catholic.

Matthew 7:17, “Even so, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit.”

It is why a Roman Catholic will ignorantly argue for days, weeks, months, about Mary and her supposed mediation on their behalf. It is why they celebrate extra biblical feast days for Mary, why they would believe in a fictional place called purgatory, why they would not place their faith alone in Jesus Christ and add their works to their salvation, why a hocus pocus transubstantiation ritual is believed. Scripture does NOT support these RCC doctrines so Scripture must be rejected or cast off as irrelevant.

A Christian immersed in Scripture, being equipped by Scripture, knows without A SINGLE DOUBT that Roman Catholicism is teaching a false gospel. That the RCC false gospel cannot save a sinner.

2 Peter 2:1 But there were also false prophets among the people, even as there will be false teachers among you, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies, even denying the Lord who bought them, and bring on themselves swift destruction.

This serves as a WAKE UP CALL to Roman Catholics. Your very eternal life is at stake here. Stop your appeals to emotionalism, worldly ignorance, and TEST your doctrines by Scripture. Scripture does not need to meet your doctrines, rather your doctrines and belief MUST meet Scripture’s standard! God freely revealed His promises in Scripture, it is the way He gave us to unmask every false teacher and every false religion.

The church is the pillar and foundation of the TRUTH. A pillar and foundation are static structures, a SUPPORT mechanism for the truth. Where is the truth contained? Scripture! The truth is not contained in sinners or in worldly institutions. This is called basic logic. The church upholds and supports the truth, it does not invent the truth nor create the truth!

Dear Catholics, if you have read this and argued with me in your mind, your argument is not with me, but with God Himself. It is He you will answer to as to why you freely rejected Scripture for your false doctrines of which you were either too lazy or too proud to discern!

Matthew 7:15 “Beware of false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves.”

Does God Ever Give Us More Than We Can Handle?

Job 1:21 And he said: “Naked I came from my mother’s womb, And naked shall I return there. The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; Blessed be the name of the Lord.”

There is a common deceptive humanistic term given to God by the world, which if you have not heard, will hear. It is “God will never give you more than you can handle”. Christians and unbelievers alike have used this term during tragedies or hardship as a way to console those going through these things. It is supposed to smooth over a depression or anxiety as well.

In 1 Cor 10:13, Paul states that there is no temptation we could not bear or a temptation we could not be able to handle. But this is speaking to temptation only, the temptation to sin. It is NOT speaking to God giving us more than we could handle in the case of everything outside of sin.

Quoted above is what Job said right after his whole family perished, less his wife, his entire fortune taken away, his health in disarray, his friends now looking at him in a different light. You had better believe Job was given much more than he could handle. And what did Job see through this, what understanding did he come to fully realize through this tremendous tragedy? That God was sovereign through the good, the bad, and the ugly.

I can say personally God DOES give us more than we can handle at times. If for example He didn’t do this in my life, I would have probably never repented of my sins, never have surrendered to Him. By these events more than we can handle, we see only Him! And by seeing Him, we know and trust fully then that He IS HANDLING it! How great a God! Yes, this is what one who has been given more that they can handle comes to know, HOW GREAT A GOD!

Tremendous tragedies occur in life. Your whole family can be wiped out in an instant. Your child can be taken away, your house burned down, your fortunes all go away, you lose your job, you lose everything. And the ONLY way you can get through these things, more than we can handle, is by the hand of God who is right there with you! Job realized this as do others, who come to realize the power and the glory of God.

It was never by self exertion, self esteem, counseling groups, drugs, your friends or family who helped you get through a terrible horrific event, it was always God. He may have used your friends and family, but it was ALL His doing which was orchestrating this. Make NO mistake, these dark events ARE more than we as humans can handle! Emotionally, physically, mentally if left on our own, we could never see the light of day again WITHOUT a loving God! Imagine how a parent who loses their child, how deep a wound this is. Ask yourself HOW they could ever recover from such a loss, how they could ever get out of bed again from the pain and distress. It is all God, by His common grace given to all.

See the HAND OF GOD! Look for it through those dark times. There is something beyond you that is sustaining you. And you will come realize how GREAT and POWERFUL a God there is!

Sometimes He will take everything away, get rid of the garbage and idolatry in our lives, so that we see ONLY Him, that Jesus Christ is the ONLY Savior, that our thoughts, our whole love, our devotion should be only to Him. That because we are sinners, we deserve nothing but eternal agony and judgment by His justice, not His mercy.

Sadly, some who have gone through terrible things, have not seen God through this. Sure, they might for a second think there was something beyond themselves sustaining them, but quickly that glory goes to others or to themselves. A guy can survive a heart attack for example, and then weeks later go back to their degenerate way of life. God showed him His hand, it was rejected once their life went back to normal. One day however, God will show this individual what He did, and what this person freely rejected, and it will be then an eternal regret and agony.

Struggling through life’s hardships? Look for God, seek Him! See His grace and His mercy! Ask yourself “what is God telling me?”. He is showing you something personal to you, He might take everything you ever idolized away, every piece of sinful garbage, everything which was leading you away from Him. He might ALSO take away the good things in our life which are also drawing us away from Him, so that you SEE ONLY HIM! Hopefully then you will come to realize how GREAT a God there is! That He is your God! That through all the good, the bad, and the ugly He is always to be feared and revered as the one true God!

The answer to the question is YES! God DOES give us at times MORE than we can handle! The focus then should be on Him, as He is the only One who could get us through those times. The fact you could be healed as time went along, it was ALL God. The fact you didn’t stay depressed and in a state of shock and disarray for the rest of your life, it was ALL God. Terrible sad things happen in a fallen world, it is only by God’s grace we survive them!

You will come to realize hopefully that you deserve nothing but agony, and then how great a Savior Jesus Christ is to redeem you from your sins! Remember, we all deserve justice, NOT mercy! If granted mercy, it is only by God’s grace not by who we are, or what we did, but flows freely from His loving heart!

Catholics, are You Really Keeping the Commandments?

Invariably, the RCC teaches a Roman Catholic that after their initial justification through RCC water baptism, that they must keep the commandments in order to be saved. “The Council of Trent teaches that the Ten Commandments are obligatory for Christians and that the justified man is still bound to keep them” (ref: CCC 2068)

However the word of God says thus, “For whoever shall keep the whole law, and yet stumble in one point, he is guilty of all” (James 2:10). By “commandment keeping”, the RCC has put this into a subjective unreality, it does not exist in other words. If you told a lie, if you did not love the Lord thy God with your whole mind, heart, soul, every minute of every single day since conception, if you took His name in vain, if you committed idolatry or blasphemy, if you stole, cheated, committed adultery and murder by Jesus Christ’s definition which is by thought not just by deed, if you envied anyone’s possessions or spouse, you indeed broke God’s commandments, you did NOT KEEP THEM! And by breaking any of the commandments as James said, you broke ALL the commandments, every single one of them. Again, sin is committed in thought or deed or action or even non action.

So this is how a normal Catholic believes they are “keeping the commandments”. They center around adultery and murder and weekly Mass attendance mainly, and discard the rest. And adultery and murder must be done in deeds, not in thought as Jesus taught as just having lust is deemed as adultery and just being angry towards another is murder, but actual carried out adultery and murder. The rest of the commandments? Well, they see these as “lesser” or “venial” type of infractions, so all is well, they STILL believe they are keeping the commandments.

What was the reason for these commandments and God’s law? It is so we become aware that we ALL are in fact dirty rotten putrid sinners. We are ALL law breakers against God. We are ALL criminals in His sight, not worth a thing to His eternal Kingdom in the fallen state we are in. And the main reason for these commandments is to show us that we ALL INDEED are in desperate need of a Savior, Jesus Christ!

If we could keep God’s commandments perfectly all through our life, there would be ZERO need for a Redeemer. God would gladly welcome those who kept His commandments into heaven, there would be no salvation, just a pat on the back from God. Those who stumbled at any point, would end up in hell. This would be a fine and dandy plan if we weren’t born fallen sinners, incapable to sin, but the fact is we are ALL sinners, every human being who walked this earth LESS Jesus Christ in the flesh, SINNED. We all deserve justice NOT mercy!

God does not grade on a subjective commandment keeping scale, how hard you tried or that you kept most of them in your subjective finite mind where imperfection is accepted, He grades on the Cross of Jesus Christ, where perfection was shown!

Catholics are ignorant as to when it comes to God’s holiness. They do believe there is a God, but do not understand His holiness. What makes Jesus’ incarnation unique? He showed He was God by never sinning, by actually keeping all of God’s commandments perfectly. We as human beings do not have His uniqueness. We naturally sin. It would have been unnatural for Jesus to have sinned as He walked this earth, contrary to every bit of His nature. He was tempted just like us, but never sinned.

So by claiming “I am keeping the commandments” subjectively as stated above, you are deceiving yourself. One lie or just one time you broke God’s law, puts you into the non-commandment keeping faction with everyone else. You are now in need of redemption, and the ONLY way you can be redeemed from your criminality against God is through Jesus Christ. By grace through faith alone in Him, that criminality has been paid for by Jesus by His death and resurrection.

Being redeemed is NOT a license to sin! It is freedom from the debt and God’s pending wrath on your sins!

If Jesus has redeemed you? It does NOT give you a license to break God’s commandments, but gives you the desire to repent and keep them. You will never lose your redemption standing before God when redeemed, the RCC says you do, God’s word says you don’t, trust in God’s word. “If we are faithless, God is faithful, He cannot deny Himself” (2 Tim 2:13). Meaning, a redeemed sinner with the indwelling Holy Spirit, God cannot deny, your sins have been redeemed. We do not seek to break God’s commandments while redeemed, rather we desire to grow and mature to keep them, to repent, this is called sanctification.

If you are willfully breaking God’s commandments, you are still in the darkness. And yes Catholics, idolatry and blasphemy are breaking God’s commandments of which you are willfully committing by being willfully ignorant of these sins. God does not view you as a “commandment keeper” by subjectively staying away from adultery and murder in just the deed and overlooking the rest breaks with His law.

How can one be a “perfect commandment keeper”? It CANNOT BE DONE outside of Jesus Christ. One becomes this perfect commandment keeper by faith alone in Him, His perfect obedience and righteousness are now YOUR perfect obedience and righteousness. When you see the words in Scripture “In Christ” or “In Jesus”, the writer inspired by the Holy Spirit is indicating this. Outside of Him, there is no perfect commandment keeping, you are facing God’s wrath. In Him, the Good News is that you have been REDEEMED for an ETERNITY!

What is preventing you from believing in Jesus Christ, placing your faith alone in Him today? Tomorrow is too late! You are flirting with an eternity away from God in a hell which offers torment and sadness. Catholics, you are NOT keeping God’s commandments!! Your church has deceived you! Wake up to this truth before it is too late! Leave the RCC today for the Good News of Jesus Christ!

Roman Catholic Mindsets

If you were never a Catholic and trying to witness or dialogue the Gospel to Catholics, you must put yourself in their shoes in order to be effective and also so they do not turn their ears off to you. These are some of the key points you must understand of their mindsets.

1. Most if not all modern day Catholics view the “church” as Catholic vs Protestant. Since Vatican II, the mindset has changed in that they will deem some Protestants as the same, as long as they have been baptized and are not attacking RCC doctrines or if they are currently practicing ecumenism with the RCC. They do not view the church from the Gospel or as born again believers added to the body of Christ, but from an organizational-institutional ideology. They view the “church” as to where you “go to church”.

2. A “Protestant” is every non-Catholic Christian to the Roman Catholic. Doesn’t matter if you don’t attend a classical Protestant church, they will deem you has a Protestant. They basically believe your faith was invented in the 16th century by Martin Luther, and not granted by God as Scripture states, as they don’t even see their own faith granted by God. They view the total actual substance of faith as being passed down from others, thus their mindsets are totally different in this regard. Where as faith is only passed down as a witness and testimony, it is granted by God to personally believe, His work on the sinner’s heart, it is not self actuated.

3. They are led to believe that Martin Luther removed books from the Bible, so the 66 book Bible has missing books. Nothing could be further than the truth. It was the RCC who ADDED books as “inspired” Scripture to their canon in the 16th century in response to Luther’s Reformation. Luther did not remove any books. He just didn’t add the Apocryphal books to the canon as Jerome the great RCC Latin translator did not add these 7 books to the canon of the Bible. But deemed them as “extra” or “added” books, not inspired by God as the church had always done.

4. They view the RCC as the originator of the Bible, they totally believe it was the RCC who “compiled the canon”, that they were in effect the author of the canon, not God. That the actual Bible just came into existence in and around the 4th century via their help alone. So with this, their mindset gives a license to absolutely ANYTHING the RCC ever taught and teaches. Challenge this point that God is the Author of His canon, and their whole ideology will start to crumble, so is why they fight extra hard to defend this notion. The Roman Catholic mindset is highly agnostic when it comes to God’s Authorship and Canon.

5. They do not view their extra attention and focus to Mary is idolatry or worship of her. They view it as “honoring Jesus’ mother”. The RCC has given full license for this hyper focus of Mary as the Catholic is led to believe that she knows them personally and can hear their prayers. A RCC convert will shy away from Marian doctrines where as a cradle Catholic (infant baptized) is much more eager to embrace them openly and without any hiding their belief Mary is working on their behalf.

6. They are under a guilt system. They MUST attend Sunday Mass and every unbiblical holy day of obligation throughout the year, or the RCC places a “mortal sin” on them, meaning unless they confess and receive forgiveness through their sacrament of Reconciliation, missing a Mass puts them in danger of hell fire. There is NO reliance on the Holy Spirit, nor can they clearly translate His work in their life.

7. They view Scripture as an authority, but NOT the only authority for faith and practice. RCC tradition and the magisterium have equal authority in their mindsets. This would be where the MAIN disconnect they will have with your witness of the Gospel to them as they see tradition and their magisterium’s teachings on equal par with Scripture. They despise a non-Catholic’s ability by the Holy Spirit to interpret the systematic context of Scripture, this is an alien concept to them.

8. Since Scripture is NOT their ultimate authority for faith and practice, they can ONLY read Scripture by what is called eisegesis. In effect, they use RCC tradition and the magisterium more so and READ INTO Scripture what is taught by these two authorities in their mind. A Catholic for example will read INTO John 3:16, the most quoted verse, that Mary is in that verse somewhere.

9. They are required by guilt to WORK for their salvation. After initial justification which they say comes through RCC baptism by grace and mercy alone, they then are required to maintain and/or keep their justification standing with God by their works. This would be participation in the sacraments, works of charity, etc. They do not believe in being saved FOR good works, as a resultant evidence of salvation, but works are needed to GAIN salvation in the end and KEEP their salvation.

10. No Catholic can truly say they have been saved to the uttermost here and now. They are taught uncertainty so they continue to work for their salvation. They really don’t know where they will end up when they die, they hope for purgatory, an after death sin cleansing fictional place. One day a Catholic can feel saved, the next day not so much, and on it goes. They DO NOT BELIEVE they are saved FOR good works, but BY their “good” works.

11. They view their faith as “between myself and God”. Hardly if any Catholic will have a personal testimony and witness to share in Jesus Christ. They do not evangelize sinners by the Gospel, they only try to possibly convert them to Catholicism. The actual Gospel is void in a Catholic’s mind, so don’t expect a clear answer if challenged on what the Gospel is. One cannot share the Gospel if they have NOT been saved by it, and Catholics are a CLEAR example of this fact.

12. There is a certain block in their mind to the Gospel. Things like “place your faith alone in Jesus Christ” is utterly resisted, it is not accepted, they revile at such a notion because it eliminates the others in the equation they are led to believe are there, such as Mary, the dead RCC saints they believe are working on their behalf, and their works.

If you were under the impression that Roman Catholics are Christians, that they just need a tweeking of what they believe, I ask you to ABANDON that thought! They like every unbeliever needs the Gospel of their salvation shared with them. The RCC is arguably the largest mission field sitting in your backyard, so do not ignore them, do not buy the externalities of a religion, do not bend or appease their false gospel and mindsets. Share the Gospel BOLDLY to them!

Do You Fear and Loathe the Bible?

2 Timothy 3:16 All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, 17 that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work.

Any Christian, especially on Facebook, can discern their friends by a simple Bible verse. Post something meaningless or about politics or a picture of your family or pets, and you will get plenty of encouraging reactions. Post a Bible verse, these same people will invariably be silent.

To the crowd who thinks that man naturally gravitates to and seeks God, better rethink their ideology. Man naturally does NOT seek God nor His word. The word of God is naturally offensive to the fallen man of which we are all born as, fallen. A Christian who has had his or her heart regenerated by God has a completely different reaction to His word, they naturally now love it! They cannot get enough of it.

So why is there such fear and loathing over Scripture by the natural man? There are many reasons. The first and foremost obvious indicator, is that Scripture will condemn you as a sinner in about every point. We naturally do not want to be told this and naturally do not want to repent of our sins.

The second fear is a misrepresented view of Scripture by world religions. Certain verses are shouted out loud or posted, and the unsaved sinner does not feel as much conviction as they can see the hypocrisy. They ask “why is this person who is a dirty sinner in their own right, preaching this stuff to me?” With this, many extra biblical conditions or expectations are legally demanded, and the person who is fearing and loathing the Bible hears this instead of taking the time to discern these things as falsehoods.

Another fear, is that God might just be real, and all these things which are in Scripture they will account for, so like a rash they hope goes away, it is ignored.

Another fear is that the religion they are practicing does not show itself in Scripture. All these things for decades they have believed, will not be discerned now through Scripture. I would say Roman Catholics have this fear.

And last but not least, a fallen sinner naturally loves the darkness. The fear is the light which is explained through Scripture. So the natural affinity is to discard the Bible, or try to disprove the Bible, so that their darkness is not exposed. Jesus explain this in John 3:19, “And this is the condemnation, that the light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.”

So if you are fear and loathing God’s revealed word, you have been discerned, not by me, but by your fear and loathing. You are still on the path to destruction, eternal hell is your next stop. Want to remove this fear? Pray to God to give you a clean heart, that He enlightens you! You will find that fear you had was a total WASTE of energy! There is nothing to fear if you place your faith alone in Jesus Christ!

The Tale of Sex Abuse in the RCC

It is almost as appalling as the societal view on abortion, the murder of the unborn as to how the RCC has dealt with the ongoing sexual abuse of children in the RCC by predator priests.

A rational moral human being would see the solution as SIMPLE. You eradicate the abuse via zero tolerance, and take every last single step an organization can take in this respect. This by working with local law enforcement and civil authorities to purge these individuals, expose them, prosecute them, and sentence them!

The RCC congregation however has taken an irrational approach to this abuse. Under a veil of religiosity and secrecy, they allow their hierarchy to basically pull the wool over their eyes. Grandiose conferences are conducted, condemning statements from the pope are published, and the ABUSE CONTINUES!

It just goes on and on and on. You won’t be seeing a abuse scandal published in a RCC church bulletin anytime soon. The tale of abuse must be just that, a tale to the Catholics in the pews. You might hear a statement from the local archdiocese saying “we are taking steps to protect children”. But guess what? These statements have been repeated ad nauseum ever since these cases first started to be widely reported in the late 1980s and 1990s.

The steps the RCC hierarchy has made was to first employ high priced lawyers to defend this abuse in court. To play a waiting game in jurisdictions where the statute of limitations would run out. To invent new ways to COVER UP these crimes occurring in the church so as not to see the light of day. To victim shaming, question their mental faculties and also their faith, so as to quell these victims from coming forward.

In other words, NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE! NOTHING! I REPEAT NOTHING! Each day I can find a new headline of a priest or former priest being accused of a sexual crime against a child.

This is not a Catholic vs Protestant issue, it is a HUMAN RIGHTS issue! The RCC clearly intends to keep on the same path of abuse, cover ups, and propaganda to the congregation.

The ONLY way for this abuse to end? Is for the RCC congregation to finally wake up, rise up, and then challenge your authority! Challenge them WHY this would still be going on. Challenge them WHY there is not a ZERO TOLERANCE policy on abuse. Challenge them on WHY it takes a news report in order to find out that abuse has occurred in your church. Challenge them WHY they are holding conferences, when the solution is SIMPLE. Challenge them WHY they are not working with local law enforcement and turning these priests in, exposing them least of not all to your parish/diocese congregations as SOON as the abuse is alleged and/or witnessed.

And more importantly challenge WHY priests would be moved to other parishes where they continued their abuse, and WHY those in charge of these priests are still in charge. Also question as to WHY would your hierarchy NOT be removed when and if an abuse scandal has been prosecuted. WHY a conference is conducted without any results or SWIFT removals or remedial plans. If you practice zero tolerance on the sexual abuse of children, then ALL involved must go! There are NO gray areas here! Just as there would be NO gray areas if a teacher in a public school was abusing children and the school board covered it up.

I ask WHY there are no zero tolerance open door policies in the RCC at this point in time with the amount of abuse which has been reported? Does your parish have one? If not, question why. This policy should be an independent council where a victim could easily report a crime in these cases, one where the victim feels safe and recognized without fear of retribution. Where a parish INVITES everyone to come forward if they were abused.

Yes, it is a tale to the Catholic, or so it seems, on a vulnerable RCC child being abused in their midst by the very priest in their care. It is time to WAKE UP and start proving me wrong! The goal should be that NO CHILD under the guise of a religious gathering should fear abuse, be threatened, solicited for sex, manipulated for sex, or SHAMED because they had been abused in this venue or outside of this venue!

God is watching, you will account for your actions and inactions in His court someday, He has promised this!

When Willful Ignorance is Used

Job 21:14 “They say to God, ‘Depart from us! We do not even desire the knowledge of Your ways”

Having been deceived by a world religion, Roman Catholicism, and also having been scammed a few times in my life, I can truthfully say that in order to believe a lie, to really reject the truth, one must practice willful ignorance, you are willfully being blind to the truth.

A scam artist generally at first employs what I call “the hook”. The hook is something easily understood, the ploy is to hook you into the scam. The scammer knows they can’t just bring about the entire scam on you, or you will run, so every scam proceeds in steps. The goal is by the end, you will employ willful ignorance of the scam being perpetrated on you. And by the end, the one scammed will actually be defending the scammer.

This is also called “hustling” on the street. A hustle is a term used when one deceives another into believing a lie, only to then lower the boom on them, hustling their money from them.

Human behavior has something called pride, and in pride we employ willful ignorance. In order to be keep being scammed or deceived, you must blind yourself to the obvious truths. Everyone in the world might tell you that you are being scammed, run, but your pride tells you to be willfully ignorant of the scam. No one likes to be told “you are being stupid” or “you were very stupid to fall for that”, so instead the natural reaction is to try by willful ignorance to ignore the scam, the deception.

No greater example of willful ignorance can be found in cults and world religions. Roman Catholicism for example will employ GUILT as the hook to the blind Roman Catholic. By deceiving the Catholic into believing the RCC is the way, the truth, and the life, as opposed to Jesus Christ who is secondary, they know once the hook is in place, the Catholic will employ willful ignorance. By guilt, they can lead a Catholic to believe that the RCC holds the keys to their salvation.

And once the hook is in place, ANY truth presented to the Catholic from Scripture will be by willful ignorance ignored for the greater deception of the RCC. Those who witness to Catholics can attest to this. Each time a truth is presented from Scripture, the Catholic by willful ignorance will try to refute this truth by a RCC talking point. They are parroting the scam artist.

Again, human beings do NOT like being told “you are being scammed”, this is rejected by willful ignorance. A Roman Catholic such as the former Antonin Scalia, a Supreme Court Justice, highly educated and intelligent, fell for the scam, so don’t think for a second that the hook the RCC places is something easily to overcome. I am more than sure Scalia with the public exposure he had in his lifetime was presented countless of times the Gospel truth from Scripture, yet by willful ignorance he chose to ignore this truth.

What breaks willful ignorance? God does through His word! There is NO battle He loses. Remember this, it will only be broken by God through His word, not by you. It can get frustrating if you don’t understand this fact, because the truth you are seeing and the Catholic is not seeing does not make a whole lot of sense to you. So allow God to break that willful ignorance, He has employed you as His means to share His Good News of Jesus Christ to do so. Trust that whomever He works on in His timing and purpose will always be perfect.

Remember, we were ALL WILLFULLY IGNORANT of the truth at one point in our lives, it was God who broke that ignorance and allowed us to see and hear Him!