When Willful Ignorance is Used

Job 21:14 “They say to God, ‘Depart from us! We do not even desire the knowledge of Your ways”

Having been deceived by a world religion, Roman Catholicism, and also having been scammed a few times in my life, I can truthfully say that in order to believe a lie, to really reject the truth, one must practice willful ignorance, you are willfully being blind to the truth.

A scam artist generally at first employs what I call “the hook”. The hook is something easily understood, the ploy is to hook you into the scam. The scammer knows they can’t just bring about the entire scam on you, or you will run, so every scam proceeds in steps. The goal is by the end, you will employ willful ignorance of the scam being perpetrated on you. And by the end, the one scammed will actually be defending the scammer.

This is also called “hustling” on the street. A hustle is a term used when one deceives another into believing a lie, only to then lower the boom on them, hustling their money from them.

Human behavior has something called pride, and in pride we employ willful ignorance. In order to be keep being scammed or deceived, you must blind yourself to the obvious truths. Everyone in the world might tell you that you are being scammed, run, but your pride tells you to be willfully ignorant of the scam. No one likes to be told “you are being stupid” or “you were very stupid to fall for that”, so instead the natural reaction is to try by willful ignorance to ignore the scam, the deception.

No greater example of willful ignorance can be found in cults and world religions. Roman Catholicism for example will employ GUILT as the hook to the blind Roman Catholic. By deceiving the Catholic into believing the RCC is the way, the truth, and the life, as opposed to Jesus Christ who is secondary, they know once the hook is in place, the Catholic will employ willful ignorance. By guilt, they can lead a Catholic to believe that the RCC holds the keys to their salvation.

And once the hook is in place, ANY truth presented to the Catholic from Scripture will be by willful ignorance ignored for the greater deception of the RCC. Those who witness to Catholics can attest to this. Each time a truth is presented from Scripture, the Catholic by willful ignorance will try to refute this truth by a RCC talking point. They are parroting the scam artist.

Again, human beings do NOT like being told “you are being scammed”, this is rejected by willful ignorance. A Roman Catholic such as the former Antonin Scalia, a Supreme Court Justice, highly educated and intelligent, fell for the scam, so don’t think for a second that the hook the RCC places is something easily to overcome. I am more than sure Scalia with the public exposure he had in his lifetime was presented countless of times the Gospel truth from Scripture, yet by willful ignorance he chose to ignore this truth.

What breaks willful ignorance? God does through His word! There is NO battle He loses. Remember this, it will only be broken by God through His word, not by you. It can get frustrating if you don’t understand this fact, because the truth you are seeing and the Catholic is not seeing does not make a whole lot of sense to you. So allow God to break that willful ignorance, He has employed you as His means to share His Good News of Jesus Christ to do so. Trust that whomever He works on in His timing and purpose will always be perfect.

Remember, we were ALL WILLFULLY IGNORANT of the truth at one point in our lives, it was God who broke that ignorance and allowed us to see and hear Him!

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