The Tale of Sex Abuse in the RCC

It is almost as appalling as the societal view on abortion, the murder of the unborn as to how the RCC has dealt with the ongoing sexual abuse of children in the RCC by predator priests.

A rational moral human being would see the solution as SIMPLE. You eradicate the abuse via zero tolerance, and take every last single step an organization can take in this respect. This by working with local law enforcement and civil authorities to purge these individuals, expose them, prosecute them, and sentence them!

The RCC congregation however has taken an irrational approach to this abuse. Under a veil of religiosity and secrecy, they allow their hierarchy to basically pull the wool over their eyes. Grandiose conferences are conducted, condemning statements from the pope are published, and the ABUSE CONTINUES!

It just goes on and on and on. You won’t be seeing a abuse scandal published in a RCC church bulletin anytime soon. The tale of abuse must be just that, a tale to the Catholics in the pews. You might hear a statement from the local archdiocese saying “we are taking steps to protect children”. But guess what? These statements have been repeated ad nauseum ever since these cases first started to be widely reported in the late 1980s and 1990s.

The steps the RCC hierarchy has made was to first employ high priced lawyers to defend this abuse in court. To play a waiting game in jurisdictions where the statute of limitations would run out. To invent new ways to COVER UP these crimes occurring in the church so as not to see the light of day. To victim shaming, question their mental faculties and also their faith, so as to quell these victims from coming forward.

In other words, NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE! NOTHING! I REPEAT NOTHING! Each day I can find a new headline of a priest or former priest being accused of a sexual crime against a child.

This is not a Catholic vs Protestant issue, it is a HUMAN RIGHTS issue! The RCC clearly intends to keep on the same path of abuse, cover ups, and propaganda to the congregation.

The ONLY way for this abuse to end? Is for the RCC congregation to finally wake up, rise up, and then challenge your authority! Challenge them WHY this would still be going on. Challenge them WHY there is not a ZERO TOLERANCE policy on abuse. Challenge them on WHY it takes a news report in order to find out that abuse has occurred in your church. Challenge them WHY they are holding conferences, when the solution is SIMPLE. Challenge them WHY they are not working with local law enforcement and turning these priests in, exposing them least of not all to your parish/diocese congregations as SOON as the abuse is alleged and/or witnessed.

And more importantly challenge WHY priests would be moved to other parishes where they continued their abuse, and WHY those in charge of these priests are still in charge. Also question as to WHY would your hierarchy NOT be removed when and if an abuse scandal has been prosecuted. WHY a conference is conducted without any results or SWIFT removals or remedial plans. If you practice zero tolerance on the sexual abuse of children, then ALL involved must go! There are NO gray areas here! Just as there would be NO gray areas if a teacher in a public school was abusing children and the school board covered it up.

I ask WHY there are no zero tolerance open door policies in the RCC at this point in time with the amount of abuse which has been reported? Does your parish have one? If not, question why. This policy should be an independent council where a victim could easily report a crime in these cases, one where the victim feels safe and recognized without fear of retribution. Where a parish INVITES everyone to come forward if they were abused.

Yes, it is a tale to the Catholic, or so it seems, on a vulnerable RCC child being abused in their midst by the very priest in their care. It is time to WAKE UP and start proving me wrong! The goal should be that NO CHILD under the guise of a religious gathering should fear abuse, be threatened, solicited for sex, manipulated for sex, or SHAMED because they had been abused in this venue or outside of this venue!

God is watching, you will account for your actions and inactions in His court someday, He has promised this!

One thought on “The Tale of Sex Abuse in the RCC

  1. A very good article very gòod but unfortunately silly catholics will still go to church regardless as they can’t see the wood for the trees and are so brainwashed they don’t care its very sad

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