Catholics, are You Really Keeping the Commandments?

Invariably, the RCC teaches a Roman Catholic that after their initial justification through RCC water baptism, that they must keep the commandments in order to be saved. “The Council of Trent teaches that the Ten Commandments are obligatory for Christians and that the justified man is still bound to keep them” (ref: CCC 2068)

However the word of God says thus, “For whoever shall keep the whole law, and yet stumble in one point, he is guilty of all” (James 2:10). By “commandment keeping”, the RCC has put this into a subjective unreality, it does not exist in other words. If you told a lie, if you did not love the Lord thy God with your whole mind, heart, soul, every minute of every single day since conception, if you took His name in vain, if you committed idolatry or blasphemy, if you stole, cheated, committed adultery and murder by Jesus Christ’s definition which is by thought not just by deed, if you envied anyone’s possessions or spouse, you indeed broke God’s commandments, you did NOT KEEP THEM! And by breaking any of the commandments as James said, you broke ALL the commandments, every single one of them. Again, sin is committed in thought or deed or action or even non action.

So this is how a normal Catholic believes they are “keeping the commandments”. They center around adultery and murder and weekly Mass attendance mainly, and discard the rest. And adultery and murder must be done in deeds, not in thought as Jesus taught as just having lust is deemed as adultery and just being angry towards another is murder, but actual carried out adultery and murder. The rest of the commandments? Well, they see these as “lesser” or “venial” type of infractions, so all is well, they STILL believe they are keeping the commandments.

What was the reason for these commandments and God’s law? It is so we become aware that we ALL are in fact dirty rotten putrid sinners. We are ALL law breakers against God. We are ALL criminals in His sight, not worth a thing to His eternal Kingdom in the fallen state we are in. And the main reason for these commandments is to show us that we ALL INDEED are in desperate need of a Savior, Jesus Christ!

If we could keep God’s commandments perfectly all through our life, there would be ZERO need for a Redeemer. God would gladly welcome those who kept His commandments into heaven, there would be no salvation, just a pat on the back from God. Those who stumbled at any point, would end up in hell. This would be a fine and dandy plan if we weren’t born fallen sinners, incapable to sin, but the fact is we are ALL sinners, every human being who walked this earth LESS Jesus Christ in the flesh, SINNED. We all deserve justice NOT mercy!

God does not grade on a subjective commandment keeping scale, how hard you tried or that you kept most of them in your subjective finite mind where imperfection is accepted, He grades on the Cross of Jesus Christ, where perfection was shown!

Catholics are ignorant as to when it comes to God’s holiness. They do believe there is a God, but do not understand His holiness. What makes Jesus’ incarnation unique? He showed He was God by never sinning, by actually keeping all of God’s commandments perfectly. We as human beings do not have His uniqueness. We naturally sin. It would have been unnatural for Jesus to have sinned as He walked this earth, contrary to every bit of His nature. He was tempted just like us, but never sinned.

So by claiming “I am keeping the commandments” subjectively as stated above, you are deceiving yourself. One lie or just one time you broke God’s law, puts you into the non-commandment keeping faction with everyone else. You are now in need of redemption, and the ONLY way you can be redeemed from your criminality against God is through Jesus Christ. By grace through faith alone in Him, that criminality has been paid for by Jesus by His death and resurrection.

Being redeemed is NOT a license to sin! It is freedom from the debt and God’s pending wrath on your sins!

If Jesus has redeemed you? It does NOT give you a license to break God’s commandments, but gives you the desire to repent and keep them. You will never lose your redemption standing before God when redeemed, the RCC says you do, God’s word says you don’t, trust in God’s word. “If we are faithless, God is faithful, He cannot deny Himself” (2 Tim 2:13). Meaning, a redeemed sinner with the indwelling Holy Spirit, God cannot deny, your sins have been redeemed. We do not seek to break God’s commandments while redeemed, rather we desire to grow and mature to keep them, to repent, this is called sanctification.

If you are willfully breaking God’s commandments, you are still in the darkness. And yes Catholics, idolatry and blasphemy are breaking God’s commandments of which you are willfully committing by being willfully ignorant of these sins. God does not view you as a “commandment keeper” by subjectively staying away from adultery and murder in just the deed and overlooking the rest breaks with His law.

How can one be a “perfect commandment keeper”? It CANNOT BE DONE outside of Jesus Christ. One becomes this perfect commandment keeper by faith alone in Him, His perfect obedience and righteousness are now YOUR perfect obedience and righteousness. When you see the words in Scripture “In Christ” or “In Jesus”, the writer inspired by the Holy Spirit is indicating this. Outside of Him, there is no perfect commandment keeping, you are facing God’s wrath. In Him, the Good News is that you have been REDEEMED for an ETERNITY!

What is preventing you from believing in Jesus Christ, placing your faith alone in Him today? Tomorrow is too late! You are flirting with an eternity away from God in a hell which offers torment and sadness. Catholics, you are NOT keeping God’s commandments!! Your church has deceived you! Wake up to this truth before it is too late! Leave the RCC today for the Good News of Jesus Christ!

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