The SHEER EMPTINESS of Catholicism

Gallup polls taken in 2018 show the average Catholic Mass attendance now is down to and average 39% of baptized Catholics. In the age group of 21-29, this percentage is at a meager 25%.

So what does this tell us?

1. Catholics are under a threat of a supposed mortal sin. They are required by the RCC to attend Sunday Mass along with “Holy Days of Obligation” or they commit what is called a “mortal sin”, they are now in danger of hell fire, not according to God or Scripture, but according to their own invention.

So by logic here and the percentages, this tells us 61% of the RCC congregation are now on their way to eternal hell unless they confess this sin, again just according to the RCC, not God or Scripture. They desire this invented “mortal sin” more so than attending the RCC Mass.

NOTE: For the Catholic reading this, you ARE NOT going to hell based on Mass attendance. Actually I would say those who stopped attending, the 61% have a much better chance now in hearing and understanding the actual Gospel of their salvation. They hopefully have figured out that the RCC is NOT the church Jesus is building and the sham of Mass attendance is this indicator.

2. Let’s look at the age group of 21-29, a putrid Mass attendance record of 25%. By the RCC doctrine of baptism, they claim that the Catholic has been born-again. Meaning the Catholic is indwelled by the Holy Spirit, enlightened by God, being guided by God. As every Christian who has been actually born-again, the excitement levels for new believers is not evident in the RCC. We should see the attendance levels for that age bracket double the average, not significantly less.

It is evidence of the sheer emptiness of Catholicism. The young Catholic is astute to this emptiness and thus have figured out that this whole Mass attendance threat is really a sham. They attended many Masses and are still lifeless, so they say “what is the use!”.

But the point is, the RCC baptism is ALSO a fraud! Catholics are demonstrating they have NOT been born-again, the sacrament did not do the trick! Meaning that Scripture is correct once again, that the regeneration of a sinner is solely done by the hand of God, NOT by a religious ritual or a sinner priest taking the place of God.

3. Now let’s compare the attendance levels in non-Catholic churches. Why would for example Grace Community Church in Riverside CA be filled each Sunday now for 40 plus years? There is NO threat of any mortal sin handed down by the elders of this church for attendance. The sermons generally last close to an hour or more, the services are much longer than a Catholic Mass as well, yet every seat is filled. I would put their attendance average to be 95%, compare that to the RCC’s average of 39% with their invented threat of a “mortal sin”.

Not only Grace Community Church, but about every Christian fellowship will have stellar attendance records. These Christians are NOT attending each week to stave off a mortal sin if they did not attend mind you, they are there to fellowship with other Christians, to be further equipped in the word of God, to pray and worship with others in communion with Jesus Christ.

But a Catholic under a guilt threat will attend or they may not attend?

4. If the pope removed this sin for church attendance, where would these numbers be? Based on the current trend, that number immediately drops, it does not rise. The threat would have been removed, so instead of a 39% attendance record, that number would drop to most likely below 10% in a very short while. And those between 21-29? That number goes down to less than 5% very quickly.

Something is amiss here. Catholics will boast constantly of their dear RCC. They will boast in all the standard RCC talking points such as “we are the church Jesus founded”, “we gave the world the Bible”, and on they go. Their pride in the RCC is profound, yet the Mass attendance levels speak a vastly different story!

Put it this way, if Jesus was truly present in the sacramental bread and wine of the RCC Eucharist as the RCC claims, if the Catholic was truly born again by RCC baptism, then that RCC church attendance would be staggering, they would live in the church, as we see in non-Catholic churches without any threat of a mortal sin.

It PROVES to provide just MORE evidence that the RCC is NOT the church Jesus is building! The new innate desire to worship and fellowship is not being seen in Catholics. Most attend under the guilt threat, not because they have this innate desire. In other words, a Catholic is really never freely attending Mass, they are their under an invented obligation they have bought into!

This is more evidence of the sheer emptiness of Catholicism. Catholics feel hollow, empty inside. The RCC is NOT filling them because the Good News of Jesus Christ is not being shared.

If you are in that 61% who have stopped attending, now is the time to come into the actual rest of Jesus Christ! Place your faith alone in Him today! Seek a fellowship outside the RCC where you will be equipped, where Christians will support you, where they will hold you accountable so you grow in your sanctification, where instead of feeling spiritually dead and empty every day, you begin anew and fill ALIVE for the first time in your life!

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