Why Catholic Baptism is a Fraud and Defunct Proposition

Galatians 5:4 You have become estranged from Christ, you who attempt to be justified by law; you have fallen from grace

There are NO LAWS imposed on Justification!
Scripture says that if one is trying to be justified “by law”, notice Paul didn’t say here “by the law”, but “by law” you have fallen by grace. That means any law. The RCC has set their baptism ritual as a law by making it the very point of which they call “initial justification.” In other words, a sinner cannot be saved without it thus in effect falling from grace by making it a law of justification. To impose a law on salvation, you have fallen from grace, Paul is clear on this.

Secondly and more importantly the fraud of the RCC baptism can be discerned by their notion that regeneration happens by this ritual. A Catholic is supposedly born again, indwelled by the Holy Spirit, no longer an enemy of God.

In order for RCC baptism to be true, then EVERY single Roman Catholic who has been supposedly born again, MUST show that they have been born again. This can be discerned quickly by the myriad of lapsed Roman Catholics (as they call them) who are now full blown atheists and/or agnostic. They are supposedly had been born again by RCC baptism and very quickly gave up even the idea that God exists. Ask yourself, would the Holy Spirit indwelling these Catholics lead them to this unbelief? NO!

When pressed on this glaring efficacy problem with RCC baptism, a hardened Catholic will quickly try to invoke their free-will. That God won’t “force” one to remain born-again. The problem is there is NO Scriptural example of a regenerated sinner, saved and justified, losing their born-again status. Each time a sinner has been regenerated, they repented, they have only grown and matured in the Spirit. I see NO examples of one born again who then went onto to be hardened atheists or agnostics combatting the Apostles and turning out to be enemies of the Gospel.

The other problem with this is a Roman Catholic must then claim that their “free-will” is much more powerful than God’s will to keep them saved. That God would create a new creation, only to see this new creation quickly turn into a goat. Again there are no Scriptural examples of this occurring, but we see it occurring in HIGH numbers in the RCC.

Again, to claim regeneration is born from a ritual, you THEN must claim a 100 percent efficacy rate from this claim or claim God’s work is defunct and inadequate and not as powerful as He claimed.

So either Scripture is correct here or the RCC is teaching a fraud.

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