The MAIN Reason a Catholic WILL die in their sins

John 8:24, “Therefore I said to you that you will die in your sins; for if you do not believe that I am He, you will die in your sins.”

The debate can rage on and on endlessly with a Roman Catholic, but make no mistake when we boil it out, we can easily discern one key point as to why Roman Catholicism is teaching a false gospel. The Roman Catholic WILL die in their sins. And if you die in your sins, it is off to hell for an eternity. Doesn’t matter if it is a lesser or greater sin, ALL sin defiles God’s holiness. He cannot live in sin.

If you believe you can die in your sins, and be cleansed in purgatory as a form of final punishment, you have been DECEIVED. Adam and Eve were thrown out of the Garden of Eden for one of these lesser sins, simple disobedience. They ate the fruit they were told not to eat. By a human court, this wouldn’t even rise to the level of small claims violation, the case would be dismissed and God would be laughed and chastised out of the courtroom for making such a claim.

So Catholics, do you really believe you can die in your sins? You had better study this further. “Good people” don’t get into heaven, FORGIVEN SINNERS do! If ALL your sins have not been forgiven/cleansed by the work of Jesus Christ on the Cross, you WILL surely die in your sins! Your “good works” mean not a thing to a Holy God. I am sure Adam and Eve thought about the works they could do, God told them He would be only pleased by a sacrifice/atonement of a perfect Lamb, which turned out to be Jesus Christ, and by faith alone in Him, your sins are forgiven.

Why Catholics WILL DIE IN THEIR SINS? They have replaced the ONLY Mediator of their sins, Jesus Christ, with their church. They believe by the ongoing sacrament of confession/reconciliation, they can somehow beat the clock by a RCC priest absolving them and they doing their penance. Lesser sins? The Catholic is not so much worried about, they can die in those and be cleansed in purgatory.

This would be why an indoctrinated Catholic is NOT listening to the Gospel. They have been led to believe that Jesus really is irrelevant now. He did His thing, and “opened the doors of Heaven”, now it is the Catholic’s job by their self righteousness and self governed faith to walk through those doors. They do this by works of charity, sacrament participation, their church attendance, indulgences handed out as candy by their pope, devotion to Mary and the saints, etc. What is missing? Faith in Jesus Christ as their SOLE Mediator. The gates of Heaven are CLOSED to them, and they are too proud to realize it.

A favorite Catholic talking point is “I will build My church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it.” (ref Matt 16:18). But they horribly misinterpreted this verse to mean that the “church” Jesus is talking about is the RCC, and by just plain BAD logic believe there are these gates of Hades running around attacking the RCC.

NO NO NO! Gates by their function (using basic logic here) hold someone in or hold someone out. It is NOT just Satan and his demons behind those gates, but everyone IN their sins! Yes you, if you have not been forgiven by Jesus Christ’s work and placed your faith alone in Him are still behind those gates of Hades. Thus you WILL DIE IN YOUR SINS and stay behind those gates.

The gates of Hades cannot prevail over what? The context here is the Gospel of the CHURCH! Saving faith in this Gospel of Jesus Christ which is the power unto salvation, those gates can be easily walked through. They do not hold one inside any longer! Saving faith in Jesus Christ knocks down those doors, the sinner walks right through them to eternal life in Jesus Christ.

Sorry to inform you Catholics, but you are STILL behind those gates of Hades. Your gatekeeper is the RCC, your pope, your religion. This alone holds you IN those gates and you will die in your sins unless you repent and place your faith alone in Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of ALL your sins! Human gatekeepers are no match for this saving faith, you will walk through those gates to an eternity with God! The only thing preventing you, is YOUR STUBBORN PRIDE and the belief in those gatekeepers. They WILL NOT let you pass! They tell you that they hold the keys to your salvation, but they lied to you! It is the Gospel of Jesus Christ which are those keys, and every Christian church uses those keys to reach the lost. The contrary of this is the RCC would like you remain behind the gates, thus you WILL surely die in your sins!

Even after death they claim they have a claim on your soul in purgatory. ABANDON the RCC today!! Rid yourself of this BAD gatekeeper who desires to see you die in your sins!

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