Catholic Pride

Psalm 73:6 Therefore pride serves as their necklace; Violence covers them like a garment.

I make no apology for my exposure of many problems with the Catholic Church, and would say one of the deadliest fruits to remaining a Catholic is the sin of pride. This is easy to discern as if you ever encounter a proud Catholic, their boasts are never in their salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ, but in their church.

“We (meaning the RCC) compiled the Bible”, “Jesus founded our church”, “we have been around for 2,000 years” are just some of the many boasts you will hear. But when asked to remove their pride and provide a personal testimony and witness in Jesus Christ? Well, they will invariably either come up empty or vacant. Here is the opportunity to prove these boasts, but you will find as I have found a vacancy.

Having spent four decades in the RCC, I can rightly say it is self serving PRIDE which is needed in order to remain a good Catholic. Catholics can say all they wish about the RCC sacraments, but all they prove is that these rituals are empty without a Catholic’s sinful pride. This humanistic pride tells them to cooperate more, and if a Catholic falls away from the church, well they just didn’t have the moral or prideful capacity to remain.

Pride tells them also to IGNORE the rampant sexual abuse of children scandal of their church. Pride tells them that the RCC name must be protected at all costs, even if children are being preyed upon and the church has been covering these crimes up. Pride tells them to keep their mouth shut and not raise any attention to these crimes, but to divert and distract outside onlookers onto other sexual abuse problems in other churches.

The deadly sin of pride is a staple to every world religion! The RCC has many centuries in perfecting this sin. The glaring striking difference between Christianity and Catholicism? Christianity says “do not look at me, rather look at my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!” Catholicism says in pride, “look at our church, look at my church attendance and knowledge of the Catholicism, look how good and moral I am”.

Pride is a deep seeded sin which results in many other sins! Pride removal comes easy and quickly if you see your wicked nasty sins imputed to a perfect Lamb of God, Jesus Christ who died in your place for those sins.

The opposite of pride is HUMILITY!

Proverbs 22:4
By humility and the fear of the Lord
Are riches and honor and life.

2 thoughts on “Catholic Pride

  1. I like your posts very much. It is exactly the sin of pride that keeps Catholics going to Mass despite the corruption that is currently being exposed everywhere. A Catholic woman I know told me that she was trained to ” turn a blind eye and a deaf ear” to any suspicious activity. I only trust Jesus, our great High Priest and Mediator.

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