Why is Salvation Assured?

John 6:37
All that the Father gives Me will come to Me, and the one who comes to Me I will by no means cast out

Why is salvation when granted 100 percent assured? Because Jesus Christ said so!

John 10:28
I give them eternal life, and they will never perish. No one can snatch them out of My hand.

If you are part of a world religion such as Roman Catholicism, the question is why are you following a false gospel of insecurity? Roman Catholics for example believe they are just one subjective “mortal sin” from being cast out and snatched out of Jesus Christ’s hand. This would include missing a Mass or an unbiblical “holy day of obligation”.

Jesus teaches a Gospel, Good News, contrary to every world religion which teaches you that salvation can be lost. As John MacArthur- pastor of the Grace Community Church and Masters Seminary said, “if we could lose our salvation, we surely would!” MacArthur is 100 percent correct! We ALL will fall short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23) so if being perfect in of ourselves was the only way to keep your salvation? We’d ALL be doomed!

When God justifies and saves a sinner through Jesus Christ, you are placed in Him. This is called being “set apart” or sanctified. Since salvation is eternal, there is NO end to this being set apart. In other words, if you are justified by the blood of Jesus, set apart in Him, there is no losing this standing in Him.

Does it mean one will then let their guard down and seek to sin? NO! If justified by God, you have been also made into a new creation, the desire turns from seeking sin to striving for holiness. The newly saved sinner who has been set apart IN Christ, now has His righteousness imputed to their account by faith alone. With this comes a natural duty to share this Good News to the lost, and the realization that your name is now a part of Christ’s name. You REPRESENT the very King of the Universe!

I find it quite odd when someone encapsulated in a works based religion instantly gravitates to “if you are saved, great, we can sin up a storm”…on the contrary, if you did so and you were not chastised and disciplined by God, you would need to ask yourself if you were actually saved in the first place. God will allow you to pursue the nature you possess. Those set apart now have a new nature, a nature which pursues holiness, not evil nor sin.

The GOOD NEWS is that IF you have been saved by Jesus Christ, you will NEVER lose your salvation! Why? Again, because He Himself said so!

One thought on “Why is Salvation Assured?

  1. Thanks for this excellent post.
    Since I left Catholicism, I have experienced great freedom and joy. However, I spend time praying for people still stuck with the guilt of Catholicism, which “teaches”, as you mentioned, that missing Mass purposely is a mortal sin.

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