The Rise of Profanity

Matthew 15:10-11
And He (Jesus) called the people to him and said to them, “Hear and understand: it is not what goes into the mouth that defiles a person, but what comes out of the mouth; this defiles a person.”

Upon my conversion some 8-9 years ago, by this regeneration the Lord really gave me an ultra-sensitivity to foul/profane language of which I seamlessly and without a thought used as a Roman Catholic for 4 decades. I thought nothing of it. The RCC falsely teaches it as a lesser sin, “venial” in nature, which can be expunged through their sacrament of Reconciliation. You confess you used profane language, you do a penance of basically repetitious prayers, and according to the RCC all is well again. I bought this bad logic for many the long year, yet I continued to be as foul mouthed as they come.

The rise of profanity is quite noticeable in today’s society. Public officials, celebrities, entertainment and sports figures now seem unafraid to use vile foul profane words and they are applauded for doing so. I can recall just 25-30 years ago, this would be immediately shunned, audiences for the most part would be aghast if one used profanity in a speech. Even comedians during that time were ostracized as fringe extremists for using such speech.

Now it is becoming the norm, foul language is front and center with the majority as seamless and the use is on the rise. This language is also used in front of children, who are learning now at very early ages how to use this foul language. Instead of scolding or correcting a child now, adults now laugh and exhort the child to continue on, believing it is “cute”.

As a Christian, it is one of the easier sins to repent of. But I still get those who will argue all day and night about how foul language is not really foul or some nonsense as this. They use what is called relativism and even verses from the Bible to rationalize a foul profane mouth. I can rightly say from my own personal witness and testimony, that if one is not growing out of this nonsense, they must ask themselves if they really have been saved because the conviction is not there.

From the TV series called “Longmire” a line I recall was when the main character said “I am thinking, I usually do this before I talk”. This is what we must do! Think before we speak. Our natural fallen nature will naturally spew out profanity without even a notice. A regenerated nature while still not being glorified will also tempt us still to spew out foul language. It is a discipline we must grow from. Thinking before we speak. If you slip up and there is NO conviction, you can presume the Holy Spirit is NOT indwelling you.

The world is making foul profane language the norm and common. As Christians we must NOT aquas or conform ever to the world and its sinful desires! You must provide a WITNESS to Jesus Christ and in this witness, your speech should coincide.

A Sad Result of a World Religion

Mark 9:24 Immediately the father of the child cried out and said with tears, “Lord, I believe; help my unbelief!”

I inscribed “Mark 9:24” on a turkey call I gave to my Dad this past Father’s Day. It was a subtle reminder to him that I still pray for his faith to be granted by God to be saved, and pray that like the father in the verse humbly admitted, he needed help from God.

My Dad was a very devout Roman Catholic, never missed a Mass in 60 years, was very pious in following Canon laws of the RCC, and lived a life which the church found quite acceptable. The problem is as with every Catholic, he never really submitted to God and never placed his faith alone in Jesus Christ.

Upon around the age of 60, we discovered that my Dad went off the rails. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer around this time as well. It was discovered he was having a secret affair with a coworker and it literally tore our family apart. He was unapologetic, delusional, and turned into a cold hearted maniac to my Mom and the family in a very short period of time. No amount of reasoning would break through to him.

After all the RCC sacrament participation, one would think by what the RCC teaches that this could never have happened. But it certainly did, and I was a personal witness to it. He has never talked about his lost faith, but I suspect he figured out how deceived he was by the RCC. He followed all the things they told him to do, and here he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. His mindset was then “how can God be real?” The false teaching of the RCC set this all up.

My Dad returned home after his affair, but never repented. He stopped seeing the woman in question, but never apologized or admitted his iniquities. As recently 2 years ago I have witnessed the gospel, providing also a way for my Dad to freely confess his crimes. He sadly flat out rejected both.

The moral of the story is that a world religion such as the RCC most likely WILL lead one to despair and a manifest sin state. Why? Because if the assurance of your salvation is placed in yourself, the dependence is also place on yourself. And with this, FAILURE eventually ensues, so does apathy. Like my Dad, you might think at some point “what is the use! I followed the rules and now I am dealing with cancer!”.

Rather, if you are part of a world religion teaching works in of yourself, REPENT and leave today! And then place your faith alone in Jesus Christ where true peace and rest is found! With Him there are no failures, just everlasting eternal joy. You will come realize that this fallen world is not worth fretting over, and your life here is a vapor a mist which is temporary. You will stop placing treasures here on earth which will pass away, and start storing up treasures in Heaven where the King of kings resides!

Fathers Day Turkey