Hoping for the Sufferings of Others?

Job 9:28 “I am afraid of all my sufferings; I know that You will not hold me innocent.”

The natural fallen man is a revenge and justice seeker. When we are wronged, our natural reaction is not to forgive, but seek restitution for the wrong with the least being a demanding apology.

I will relate a personal testimony in this, and to show how messed up this can be. I was born-again in late 2010 early 2011 by the grace and mercy of God to His glory alone. Since that time, I have incessantly witnessed this Good News to my Roman Catholic family who remains hardened, they have reject this Good News.

The Catholic “grace” system is a false quid pro quo ideology. The better you are subjectively, the more grace and help God may give to you. Because they teach it is a cooperative effort guilt mindset, God must hold up His end of the bargain. So an example might be my Mom stating to me when I was young “if you miss a Mass, something bad might happen to you”. Or if something bad happened, it was because you weren’t praying enough, or you missed a Mass, or you were doing bad things. It is very much an open theist mindset, where God is reacting in time to each choice you make, of which He has no clue beforehand what you will do.

So to relate this to my personal testimony, I can say my own family secretly rejoices when my life has troubles. They then can dismiss the Good News I preach, and say “God cannot be with him”. I very much know what Job said when he declared “”I am afraid of all my sufferings; I know that You will not hold me innocent.”

Whether I have health issues, my financial picture is not that of a millionaire, or even my dog having health problems, they are secretly rejoicing knowing then in their twisted unbelieving mind that the Gospel I preached to them may not be right. It is called transference. They transfer these things into automatically assuming God cannot be with me in this message.

God cannot be bribed. He won’t be manipulated. The Gospel is the power unto salvation no matter if I am a zillionaire or dead broke, no matter if I am dying of cancer or have perfect health, no matter if my dog suddenly dies or lives beyond expectations, no matter if I am married or am single and all alone. Yet the unbeliever searches for excuses, and one they by a twisted humanistic mindset will come to conclusion that God can only be working in your life ONLY if all is also well with your finances, your love life, your health, etc.

It is really the core of depravity to rejoice in the sufferings of others who are witnessing the light of Jesus Christ to you! Any good fortune or suffering does not quell or affirm the awesome Good News of Jesus Christ!

No One is Perfect in Themselves!

Matthew 5:48 Therefore you are to be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.

No Christian or anyone indeed as a human being born of God can claim they are perfect. All are sinners, all have broken God’s laws a myriad of times over and over again. Compared to God’s holiness, we are the worst smelling garbage there is. Below is a depiction on how we see ourselves, as most would claim “I am a good person”, and how God actually sees us because of sin.

Truck 19 4

So God commands that we are to be perfect, His perfection, not our idea on perfection, but His eternal perfection. There cannot be a spot or blemish or iniquity from the day we were born until death in order to live with Him eternally. There is no good tries here that He will accept. Absolute spotless perfection is how one gains entry to eternal life.

If you are thinking this is impossible, you are on the right track. Unfortunately some world religions miss the mark, such as Roman Catholicism and will teach subjective perfection as this way to being perfect. They dismiss the demand for absolute perfection entirely and employ their own brand of imperfection of which they demand God accepts in the end. They are in for a sad surprise on Judgment Day when Jesus says “I never knew you” (Matt 7:23).

For those who know that this standard of absolute perfection is impossible, you are correct, that this is impossible for man to achieve in of themselves. No one can do it, we all will fall short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23). However, there is Good News! It is absolutely possible with God!

How is it possible with God to be absolutely perfect? He provided a remedy by His grace and mercy alone. He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to die in your place, to satisfy the wrath of God on your behalf and by this, you are perfect! But don’t deceive yourself, you are ONLY perfect in Him by faith alone. By faith granted by God, He imputes Jesus Christ’s perfection to your account, you are now IN HIM, so when the depiction is shown above, instead of the wicked broken down decrepit sinner that you are, He now only sees Jesus Christ’s perfection.

You cannot restore yourself or make yourself new. There is no shop or church you can go to that can fix your rotting self. This is ALL done by God! Why is it all done by God and not by your cooperation as well? Because God gets ALL the glory in this, there is no room for your boasting. You did not drive yourself to salvation, there is no special prayer or command you made, you cannot claim to have been regenerated by a ritual either. Any such additions, and you are telling God that it was possible for you, not impossible, to be perfect without His sole work in you. You are also telling God “I don’t need Jesus Christ’s redemption, I can be perfect all by my will power”.

Sadly, there are many sinners out there trying to shine themselves up, trying insanely to restore their wretched wickedness by religiosity or by boastful works and by the their fallen will power. And somehow in the end, they believe God will need to accept this disgusting imperfection, the broken down truck on the right above. And sadly the screechful wailing and gnashing of teeth will ensue for an eternity when He says “be gone from Me, you workers of lawlessness”.

Do you want to be perfect today? Place your faith alone in Jesus Christ, and IN Him is the only perfection needed! Is it that simple? Yes! Don’t believe me? Open your Bible with an open and teachful mind and God will show you that I am telling you the truth!

No one is perfect in themselves, perfection can only be granted by God in His Son Jesus Christ to you, if He so wills you to be saved, you are PERFECT already!

1 John 2:5 But whoever keeps His word, truly the love of God is perfected in him. By this we know that we are in Him.

Divine Focus in Prayer

1 John 5:14 [ Confidence and Compassion in Prayer ] Now this is the confidence that we have in Him, that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us.

I will admit that sometimes I struggle in prayer, I try to stay focused, but can say I am nowhere being perfect in my prayer to the Almighty God. I simply ask the Holy Spirit to keep me focused in the throne room.

Is there anyone perfect in prayer? I would suspect all struggle in some sense. But if you believe in Jesus Christ, you know He hears you no matter the time, place, circumstance. The struggle I guess is to really believe to ask things according to God’s will, not our own.

It dawned on me how helpful God is in our prayer life to Him if we pay attention. I recently sat in a Veterinarian’s room waiting for blood test results for my 7 year old Gordon Setter, Leo. He was having all the symptoms of kidney failure, and I dreaded the thought of it since it is incurable and fatal. The Vet asked me if I would like a blood test to rule it out, and I reluctantly said yes.

For the next hour, I focused my thoughts and my entire self into prayer to God. I asked Him for this not to be kidney disease or failure. I fervently prayed and prayed. I had my hands over my eyes, as I drowned out any noise and focused on God’s provision. I placed my entire faith in His will in this. I braced myself for bad news and pleaded with God with my whole heart, mind, and soul for it not to be this news. I glanced at Leo while I was praying, and he could tell how focused I was, it was like he was telling me “do not worry”, and in his way thanking me that I was praying for his behalf.

After an hour, the Vet opened the door and without a hesitation, she said “no kidney problems, the blood work came back normal.” I literally gasped a huge sigh of relief as I thanked God profusely. Good or bad news, I was ready to just accept God’s will in this. And the part I will remember is Leo getting up off the floor to lick my hands which were clenched together. He must of recognized the sigh of relief.

Afterwards, it dawned on me how really focused I was. It was just me and God, I knew He was listening and believed He would answer. I asked humbly myself “why don’t you pray this way always?” and was convicted by this event. Which I came to realize was God’s conviction for that time and place.

It is easy to get nonchalant in our prayer life. We go through the motions to tell God casually “yes, we know You are real” but the missing element is the real honest communication with Him. And sometimes as in my case, if we need a kick start to praying as He commands, He will put us in a situation that we do. That there is no humanistic grasping at straws to figure it out, He eliminates every option, so that your focus is entirely on Him! What a great God He is!

When you pray, focus entirely on Him alone. Remember His power, is there anything impossible for Him? Don’t pray doubting or cynically. This would be where you ask God, but you don’t believe the answer is going to be to your liking. I can say by removing every doubt, you are at peace with Him, knowing that He listened to you and whatever His will might be you will be just fine.

In sanctification, we must grow and mature. This is done by the Holy Spirit who is always conforming us. We are disciplined by God by doubting for example. He will remove your doubt, I assure you! When you pray, pray as if you mean it! And I am not trying to generalize this, but like I said as if you really do believe! God will always listen to the prayers of the faithful. Doubting His will? Well those prayers often go unanswered.

Seeking the Kingdom Outside of God’s Word

John 7:34 “You will seek Me and not find Me, and where I am you cannot come.”

Jesus levels a startling charge to the ultra-religious who were listening to His Gospel but rejecting Him on every level as Lord and Savior. They will come to seek Him, but will not find Him.

Why wouldn’t they find the Him? Because they were seeking ways outside of God’s promises and word and using the invented tradition of man to do so. Mainly, religious rituals and pomp and circumstance. So here was Jesus looking them in the eyes, yet they COULD NOT SEE Him for He was! God in the flesh, His words were powerful, yet those with a fallen heart scoffed, mocked, rejected Him with distaste.

I call it agnostic theism which is prevalent in Roman Catholicism where I started out my own personal journey. A Roman Catholic will reject the Gospel, because they do not view Scripture, God’s promises contained in it as completely sufficient. Boil off their rhetoric and statement of faith, and you will find that unless there are ways OUTSIDE of His revealed word such as their magisterium and traditions and history, they will not believe Jesus is who He says He is.

A Roman Catholic, like every agnostic theist will need more proof from God. It will be an appeal to history, or traditions, or superstitious rituals needed in order for the Catholic to believe that God exists. They won’t settle for just God revealing Himself through His Son Jesus Christ, the goal post moves in this humanistic quest seeking Jesus outside of God’s revealed word.

In this humanistic quest seeking the Kingdom outside of God’s word, the Catholic will then invoke the terms to God such as Mary being queen of heaven and her obligatory Marian feast days, her titles such as Mediatrix, Advocate, Helper. God must not impute a full righteousness of His Son to anyone is another term from a Catholic. It eliminates their works. Purgatory must be a real place according to the Catholic to God, or He will be rejected as God. And last but NOT least, salvation must only come through the Roman Catholic Church, and Jesus must claim He established the Roman Catholic Church. Again, if these terms are not met by Scripture from God, the Catholic seeks ways OUTSIDE of this and will NOT find Jesus Christ.

The basic question if you are a Roman Catholic is what is MISSING in Scripture that you could not see it as your ultimate authority for God’s promises? If you do admit there is something missing, then you are in fact an agnostic theist. The sad fact is, you can ONLY believe God exists and Jesus is the Christ is if there are things MISSING from Scripture where the promises of God are actually contained. Unless God meets your terms of a world religion, you would reject Him.

This exchange between a father of a child and Jesus strikes accord to this.

Mark 9:23 Jesus said to him, “If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.” 24 Immediately the father of the child cried out and said with tears, “Lord, I believe; help my unbelief!”

The father believed that God existed, but humbly admitted he struggled to believe in Jesus Christ as the God standing right in front of Him. If you are seeking ways OUTSIDE of God’s word to find Jesus, you will NEVER find Him!

Freedom From God? – the Result of Catholicism

In a debate, when discussing why Catholics were uncertain of their final destination, a Catholic declared “well if salvation cannot be discarded after receiving it, it would be a shackle.” He was vehemently opposed to the idea that Jesus would actually save a sinner eternally right here and now in the present. This would then take away every bit of perceived freedom he would have.

Yes, this is a twisted view of God, and sadly the result of world religions such as Catholicism where the perceived worldly freedom would go away.

But if you understood the human nature as being fallen as Scripture clearly teaches, why in the world would you want freedom from God? There will be plenty of people in hell forever and ever holding onto that sinful freedom from God!

The mistake is always made by not understanding who God is what His demand is. It isn’t a “good try” He expects, it is absolute perfection as He is. If He expected less, Jesus would have never left His throne and died on a lonely cross to redeem sinners from their sins. He could have employed “the good try” theology instead which would have reduced His holiness and perfection into nothing. Where the Master would be no better than His servants.

As a Catholic, I was told that we had the freedom to “cooperate with God”. But was the result in my experience? Sadness, depression, lust, envy, anger, self centeredness, self governance, self righteousness, etc. SIN in other words! Because I could take it or leave it, my natural desire of which I was born with was to SIN, not to cooperate each day as would be the demand.

Upon being born-again, that freedom from God left me for an eternity! I no longer desired to SIN and I have been rejoicing ever since. I have not desired for a single second to be free from God since that regeneration by the Holy Spirit. When I declare this, the response comes in effect “God is a monster”, or some perversion from those who greatly desire their freedom to SIN and freedom from God!

Simply put, if you desire freedom from God, you do NOT desire Him! You want free-choices to sin without the consequence? Again, you do NOT desire Him because you want that freedom from Him! If you want the option to somehow discard a granted salvation, you do NOT desire salvation then!

Cut through the rhetoric of world religions and their talking points such as Roman Catholicism and you will discern they are actually teaching to hold freedom FROM God and the empowerment is always to the human “free-will”. “It is up to you”, “take it or leave it”, “cooperate and you will be rewarded” and “don’t worry, God won’t take away your humanistic freedom” are all the sounding calls of world religions leading sinners to the wide road of destruction.

When God regenerates a heart by His grace through the redemption Jesus Christ alone by the power of the Holy Spirit alone, you will fully realize you never want freedom from Him again!

The Grudge Keepers

Proverbs 26:12
Do you see a man who is wise in his own eyes? There is more hope for a fool than for him.

Who are the grudge keepers? The answer is every fallen human being born since Adam. Since we are all fallen, we are born natural grudge keepers. Now some may give the appearance they do not keep grudges, but this might be from human to human, when their real grudge is against the God who created them remains in full force.

Yes, make no mistake, we are born naturally fallen grudge keepers. When someone transgresses us, our immediate fallen natural reaction is to expect an apology or restitution or compensation. For some the grudge will never be satisfied even with those things. We naturally believe we deserve the wrong to be made a right to our satisfaction. Look no further than the FLOODED civil legal system, revengeful natures, shunning by those in world religious systems, etc., as pure evidence of this.

And at the same time, some then believe God cannot expect the zillion of wrongs against Him ever to be made right, of which He has, as being the opposite of a grudge keeper sent His Son Jesus Christ to remedy these wrongs, when we had NO interest doing so in of ourselves, nor could we!

I recently watched again the TV Series, the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s. The last scene of the series showed a graveyard of about a hundred graves from these families entangled in a bitter grudgeful feud, they just killed each other in distaste. Yet their satisfaction was never reached with this cold blooded lust for murder of each other. The grudge stayed in tact and in grew in strength. Nothing was accomplished other than another dead Hatfield or McCoy of which both families terrorized each other for years and years.

I realized my own grudgeful fallen nature only upon my rebirth in Christ. I was made aware by God through Scripture how VERY grudgeful I truly was. I did not truly forgive anyone up until that point. The grudgeful nature could be no more as I realized what Jesus Christ did on my own behalf. He could have held an eternal grudge towards my sins, and it would have been perfect justice. But He chose not to, not based on what I did or who I was, but because of His grace and mercy. So I really had to dig deep and ask myself, how could I ever again hold a grudge against another with what He did for me. I was ashamed at myself as I looked back on my life keeping needless and silly grudges which all grudges truly are given the example I gave of an eternal holy God choosing not to hold any grudge against me for my myriad of wicked transgressions against Him and His Kingdom.

Repenting of grudge keeping is a fruit of salvation received. If you struggle in this regard, go to the Cross, see your sins being imputed to Jesus Christ, the PERFECT Lamb of God on your behalf. If you cannot get past your grudge against another, ask yourself if you really had been forgiven by Him.

On Judgment Day, God won’t be comparing you to those who transgressed against you. It will only be a comparison of His eternal holy perfection to yourself! Remember this! He won’t be listening to your excuses as to why you held the grudge, your silly rationalizations, as all He would need to ask you is why He should not then keep a grudge against you for your wicked sins against Him! And without Jesus Christ as your Mediator, that will surely be the case!

Unbelief in the Sovereignty of God

Isaiah 44:8 “Do not fear, nor be afraid; Have I not told you from that time, and declared it? You are My witnesses. Is there a God besides Me? Indeed there is no other Rock; I know not one.”

The faith which comes from God, granted by Him, will be discerned as a trust and belief in His sovereignty as the Great I Am, the Ancient of Days, the Almighty God who is Lord and King over all.

If you have come out of a world religious system, this understanding will be a bit more difficult to grasp. If all your life you viewed God by your terms, or a way humans think, you most likely have a distorted view of His sovereignty. What I usually see in this, as I had done as a Roman Catholic for 43 years, is to give God certain NON-negotiable terms in order for you to believe in Him.

Example would be Catholics giving a term that Jesus MUST give up His authority to Peter and to his earthly successors of which they deem, and call “pope”. Before God can be real and believed in this presuppositional view, Peter must be granted full authority over Christ’s church and pass it down to supposed successors. If the term is not met, the Catholic’s faith that there is a God is in jeopardy.

Another example from a Catholic view is the term that Mary is queen of heaven, mother of the church, and by whom all graces flow through. Her righteousness must be granted to souls in purgatory as well for less time and punishment. Mary must be given this elevated idolatrous status in a Catholic’s view, or God cannot be God to them.

The fact is Catholics and many others will try to say they believe in God’s sovereignty, but it comes with humanistic terms, thus it is really UNBELIEF in His sovereignty. God cannot rule the universe without these terms first being met. I have heard from others for example when teaching on God’s sovereignty, “He is a monster”, “we are not robots”, etc. Why? Because in the Scriptural view, God is NOT meeting their terms on justice. Sin? Well, God must overlook lesser sins and give everyone an equal chance, or He cannot be My Lord is the sentiment, when in fact God does not owe humankind one thing.

The charge I have heard in the past is that God is not the author of sin. This is true! But sin does not dominate Him, it does not control God, nor does Satan and his demons. Nothing in this universe can move a muscle outside of God’s control. The tiniest atom is under His control, He is not guessing, reacting, changing, and trying to figure things out on the run as heretic open theists would teach. By His omniscience and foreknowledge, He knows the why and how and when according to the decree/allowance He has made but everything happens according to His will and purpose.

When you get to this level of belief in God’s sovereignty, you then will realize the FULL REST He offers. Our limited finite brains will never contemplate all the workings of God, so stop trying, and start believing in Him! Believe that in the good, bad, indifferent, it will be to His purpose to His will and nothing will get past His control or operate outside of it, and you will understand really what it means to be at peace and rest in Him.

Jesus came to earth, not on a gamble by God, not because it was a billboard display on the cross hoping that He could somehow convince others to believe in Him, it was by His sovereign will that Jesus made the atonement and redeemed His children. Nothing could have changed this, the promise was decreed, it was carried out, and salvation came!

If you find yourself giving terms to God, that He must do this or that before you can believe in Him, STOP DOING SO! Stop trying to control God, you are never cooperating with Him, we abide and live only by His good pleasure. Start submitting to this fact if you struggle in this regard and you might then begin to understand what peace and rest is, as well as growing your relationship with Him!

With God it is not a “give and take”, it is only a “give” and He does all the GIVING. We exist because He said so, He made it happen. If you placed your faith alone in Jesus Christ, it was God who made this happen, not you! Trust Him, believe in Him!

The Many Denominations Fallacy

In their desperation to try and make the case for Catholicism, modern Catholics will attempt to use the many denominations fallacy. As a Catholic for 43 years, I never once heard of it, or heard other Catholics speaking about it, or used this rhetorical fallacy in the attempt to explain my faith in the RCC. It is a modern invention, most likely started by ex-protestants from an organization called Catholic Answers.

The fallacy goes as follows. The Reformation caused all sorts of divisions with all these denominations, thus the RCC is automatically the true church. And the number can vary from one Catholic to the next. I have heard 25,000 denomination, 33,000 denominations, 40,000 denominations, 47,000, 65,000, and so on. And it can very in a Catholic as well, as one day it could be 33,000 and the next day it is 50,000.

Even a Catholic source called the National Catholic Register as late as 2016 has stated “we need to stop saying there are 33,000 denominations”, as they know it is a fallacy as well. They indicated something like 9,000 actual protestant Christian denominations, as well as the same study concluding there were 242 Roman Catholic denominations.

Back to the fallacy. The claim is a hasty generalization, that proposes that every protestant denomination or non-Catholic are at war against each other, utterly and coldly divided. The claim is false, because of the overall generalization without empirical data or proof to prove this absurd claim.

I won’t say there aren’t divisions, there are, and it is for one reason. If a church just like the RCC has strayed away from Scripture and imposed extra biblical ideas to the message of salvation, they will be divided against the one true Gospel which is UNITED in the body of Christ.

The fact is, there is more unity outside the RCC concerning the message of salvation than division! Because it is Gospel which is the power unto salvation. This message being that a sinner is saved by grace alone through faith alone in the person and work of Jesus Christ alone to His glory alone. The divisions come when a church strays from this truth!

The fact is there is much MORE division inside the RCC than outside! From one Catholic to the next we will get a different idea as to how one can be saved. There are Catholics who claim abortion and same-sex marriage should be legal, when their teaching says otherwise. Some say evolution is a factual truth, some vehemently object to this. Some will say that the Genesis account was an allegory, some will say not. And this division will go on and one concerning many subjects of Catholic teaching. One Catholic for example claimed to me that the Assumption dogma is not obligatory to be believed. Ah yes, you will find much more division inside the walls of the RCC.

So this absurd fallacy to basically scare Catholics possibly thinking about leaving the RCC is so very ignorant and pathetic. The scare tactic is to tell them “which church is the true church if you leave”, when the TRUE church has always been united under one saving Gospel of Jesus Christ since the beginning!

The only way one could be subject to false gospels is to employ the Catholic method of not holding Scripture as your ultimate authority! By worldly religion, humanism, and philosophy, you will be turned every which way but loose!

The many denominations fallacy is beneath any intellectual honesty, it is absurd, it has been refuted, and it is only used in complete desperation because the prosecution of the case for Catholicism fails every single time. It is like the last wild absurd gasp before the Judge before sentencing, which He laughs at.

Jesus did not die on the Cross to save a denomination, but sinners in need of salvation! There is ONE Gospel which unites the body of Christ, the question is do you believe this Gospel, have you placed your faith alone in Jesus Christ? If so, you are not divided against the body, you are PART OF THE BODY!

Prosecuting the Case for Catholicism

In 8-9 years after leaving the Roman Catholic Church, and encountering many more Catholics than I ever did in 43 years of a Catholic, I have yet to see any effective prosecution of the case for Catholicism.

What I have seen are fallacies after fallacies. The idea that one believes something is untrue (is what I generally see) thus it automatically makes their case true is called a fallacy. Both equations can be untrue without a true ultimate standard. The case is dismissed if Scripture is not that standard, because it cannot be corrupted. The only way the case to continue is to believe Scripture is not that ultimate standard for truth, and is why Catholics will continue to try and prosecute a case which cannot be won. Why? Because God cannot be defeated for one thing!

For example, the general sentiment from Catholics is that this evil RCC monk Martin Luther with zero charisma started what they see as “protestantism”. They are told that Luther removed books, that he added things, that he did this, he did that, and this evil man who is basically looked as a deity is controlling the hearts and minds of all non-Catholics. And at the same time solely by this prosecution, the fallacy being Catholicism MUST then be true. The prosecution for this case fails to be made time and time again, but Catholics being blinded from logic by their indoctrination will attempt this fallacy. The case is thrown out.

Another common Catholic fallacy is to declare “we gave the world the Bible”, thus this alone makes our religion true. The problem with this prosecution, is that if the RCC gave the world the Bible, then God did not. It eliminates God as the Author of His own canon. And if God is not the Author, then how is one to TRUST that these words are from God and not man imposing their views into it. Peter cleared this false notion up in 2 Peter 1:20 “knowing this first, that no prophecy of Scripture is of any private interpretation”. Meaning that Scripture was written down by zero imposition of the person writing it. This prosecution fails each time it is attempted. The case is thrown out.

Another prosecution position from a Catholic will be a historical fallacy. Which basically claims that if someone interpreted a text from Scripture long ago, it makes it automatically true. If this fallacy is true, then atheists and agnostics and every pagan religion out there can make a case that they hold the truth as well, based on historical proof of someone believing what they believed even longer than Roman Catholics. It would also make the case of Judaism as opposed to Christianity since Judaism preceded it publicly. We see in the Acts of the Apostles, that this fallacy was refuted time and time again, even to the point where Paul rebuked Peter in Galatians 2 for invigorating this fallacy. This prosecution fails each time it is attempted. The case is thrown out.

So how could a Roman Catholic effectively argue and prosecute the case for Catholicism? By a public testimony in Jesus Christ which passes Scripture’s test. I have yet to see such a prosecution, and I have had dialogue with thousands of Catholics across the world, from the highly educated and not so well educated. The testimony is either vacant and void, or it fails Scripture’s test each time.

On the other hand, the prosecution for Christianity is actually quite simple. It is the Gospel of Jesus Christ which is the power unto salvation just as it was from the beginning. A Christian does not compare themselves to apostates or false gospels to validate their own faith. The validation comes from God, who by His mercy and grace alone through His Son Jesus Christ alone, saved them to His glory alone! This is confirmed by the revealed promises God has clearly outlined from Genesis to Revelation in Scripture! The Christian can effectively prosecute the case from their own application of being born-again, from death to life, filled with genuine love for God and repentance of sin and a new innate deep desire for holiness and the word of God, which will test out by the ultimate standard of Scripture.

To Catholics who are reading this, the debate has been over since the beginning. It isn’t a Catholic vs Protestant problem a Christian is pointing to, as you most likely see the problem as. It is SIN vs an eternal Holy God problem of which can only be solved by the Good News of Jesus Christ! The sooner you come to realize this truth, the sooner you will stop insanely trying to prosecute a case for Catholicism which CANNOT be won! It is better to figure this out today before Judgment Day, when all prosecutions end!