Prosecuting the Case for Catholicism

In 8-9 years after leaving the Roman Catholic Church, and encountering many more Catholics than I ever did in 43 years of a Catholic, I have yet to see any effective prosecution of the case for Catholicism.

What I have seen are fallacies after fallacies. The idea that one believes something is untrue (is what I generally see) thus it automatically makes their case true is called a fallacy. Both equations can be untrue without a true ultimate standard. The case is dismissed if Scripture is not that standard, because it cannot be corrupted. The only way the case to continue is to believe Scripture is not that ultimate standard for truth, and is why Catholics will continue to try and prosecute a case which cannot be won. Why? Because God cannot be defeated for one thing!

For example, the general sentiment from Catholics is that this evil RCC monk Martin Luther with zero charisma started what they see as “protestantism”. They are told that Luther removed books, that he added things, that he did this, he did that, and this evil man who is basically looked as a deity is controlling the hearts and minds of all non-Catholics. And at the same time solely by this prosecution, the fallacy being Catholicism MUST then be true. The prosecution for this case fails to be made time and time again, but Catholics being blinded from logic by their indoctrination will attempt this fallacy. The case is thrown out.

Another common Catholic fallacy is to declare “we gave the world the Bible”, thus this alone makes our religion true. The problem with this prosecution, is that if the RCC gave the world the Bible, then God did not. It eliminates God as the Author of His own canon. And if God is not the Author, then how is one to TRUST that these words are from God and not man imposing their views into it. Peter cleared this false notion up in 2 Peter 1:20 “knowing this first, that no prophecy of Scripture is of any private interpretation”. Meaning that Scripture was written down by zero imposition of the person writing it. This prosecution fails each time it is attempted. The case is thrown out.

Another prosecution position from a Catholic will be a historical fallacy. Which basically claims that if someone interpreted a text from Scripture long ago, it makes it automatically true. If this fallacy is true, then atheists and agnostics and every pagan religion out there can make a case that they hold the truth as well, based on historical proof of someone believing what they believed even longer than Roman Catholics. It would also make the case of Judaism as opposed to Christianity since Judaism preceded it publicly. We see in the Acts of the Apostles, that this fallacy was refuted time and time again, even to the point where Paul rebuked Peter in Galatians 2 for invigorating this fallacy. This prosecution fails each time it is attempted. The case is thrown out.

So how could a Roman Catholic effectively argue and prosecute the case for Catholicism? By a public testimony in Jesus Christ which passes Scripture’s test. I have yet to see such a prosecution, and I have had dialogue with thousands of Catholics across the world, from the highly educated and not so well educated. The testimony is either vacant and void, or it fails Scripture’s test each time.

On the other hand, the prosecution for Christianity is actually quite simple. It is the Gospel of Jesus Christ which is the power unto salvation just as it was from the beginning. A Christian does not compare themselves to apostates or false gospels to validate their own faith. The validation comes from God, who by His mercy and grace alone through His Son Jesus Christ alone, saved them to His glory alone! This is confirmed by the revealed promises God has clearly outlined from Genesis to Revelation in Scripture! The Christian can effectively prosecute the case from their own application of being born-again, from death to life, filled with genuine love for God and repentance of sin and a new innate deep desire for holiness and the word of God, which will test out by the ultimate standard of Scripture.

To Catholics who are reading this, the debate has been over since the beginning. It isn’t a Catholic vs Protestant problem a Christian is pointing to, as you most likely see the problem as. It is SIN vs an eternal Holy God problem of which can only be solved by the Good News of Jesus Christ! The sooner you come to realize this truth, the sooner you will stop insanely trying to prosecute a case for Catholicism which CANNOT be won! It is better to figure this out today before Judgment Day, when all prosecutions end!

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