Freedom From God? – the Result of Catholicism

In a debate, when discussing why Catholics were uncertain of their final destination, a Catholic declared “well if salvation cannot be discarded after receiving it, it would be a shackle.” He was vehemently opposed to the idea that Jesus would actually save a sinner eternally right here and now in the present. This would then take away every bit of perceived freedom he would have.

Yes, this is a twisted view of God, and sadly the result of world religions such as Catholicism where the perceived worldly freedom would go away.

But if you understood the human nature as being fallen as Scripture clearly teaches, why in the world would you want freedom from God? There will be plenty of people in hell forever and ever holding onto that sinful freedom from God!

The mistake is always made by not understanding who God is what His demand is. It isn’t a “good try” He expects, it is absolute perfection as He is. If He expected less, Jesus would have never left His throne and died on a lonely cross to redeem sinners from their sins. He could have employed “the good try” theology instead which would have reduced His holiness and perfection into nothing. Where the Master would be no better than His servants.

As a Catholic, I was told that we had the freedom to “cooperate with God”. But was the result in my experience? Sadness, depression, lust, envy, anger, self centeredness, self governance, self righteousness, etc. SIN in other words! Because I could take it or leave it, my natural desire of which I was born with was to SIN, not to cooperate each day as would be the demand.

Upon being born-again, that freedom from God left me for an eternity! I no longer desired to SIN and I have been rejoicing ever since. I have not desired for a single second to be free from God since that regeneration by the Holy Spirit. When I declare this, the response comes in effect “God is a monster”, or some perversion from those who greatly desire their freedom to SIN and freedom from God!

Simply put, if you desire freedom from God, you do NOT desire Him! You want free-choices to sin without the consequence? Again, you do NOT desire Him because you want that freedom from Him! If you want the option to somehow discard a granted salvation, you do NOT desire salvation then!

Cut through the rhetoric of world religions and their talking points such as Roman Catholicism and you will discern they are actually teaching to hold freedom FROM God and the empowerment is always to the human “free-will”. “It is up to you”, “take it or leave it”, “cooperate and you will be rewarded” and “don’t worry, God won’t take away your humanistic freedom” are all the sounding calls of world religions leading sinners to the wide road of destruction.

When God regenerates a heart by His grace through the redemption Jesus Christ alone by the power of the Holy Spirit alone, you will fully realize you never want freedom from Him again!

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