Satan and his Ignorant Degenerate Minions Favorite Claim?

Having been in God’s field sharing the Gospel for many years to His glory alone, there has been one central favorite claim of Satan and his minions have constantly parroted through unbelievers. That is “there is NO eternal assurance of salvation in the person and work of Jesus Christ”.

One place this message rings from its steeples is the Roman Catholic Church. Catholics are taught to DOUBT in the person and work of Jesus Christ, not to trust any faith alone in Him and thus are quite uncertain as to what their eternal future will bring.

Catholics will by their blind pious rhetoric claim that they are merely a “work in progress”, and then at the same time claim there is NO assurance in Jesus Christ. By Satan’s favorite claim of “no eternal assurance in Jesus Christ”, the Catholic is led to believe this is absolute truth. My central question to this is how can a church claim it is a Christian church and then teach such utter depraved nonsense to actually doubt in the promise of salvation and its complete assurance in Jesus Christ?

Put it this way, if there is no eternal assurance in Jesus Christ, then all those promises of eternal assurance in Scripture are ALL untrue! This is black and white, there are NO nuances in this either. And is why the Roman Catholic Church while promoting a Christian label cannot be the church Jesus is building!

Jesus promised a church of which the gates of hell would never prevail against. The Roman Catholic church is a church where those gates of hell prevail over it time and time again by each Catholic who doubts in the promise of salvation through the person and work of Jesus Christ.

The Roman Catholic church trumps up Satan’s claim by telling a Catholic for example they are one missed Mass away from eternal damnation, this would include extra biblical Marian feast days. Satan has to be delighted at such a claim as it furthers the doubt in Jesus Christ and ALL the promises God made of eternal assurance in Him.

Nothing will draw up the ire more so in me personally than one who openly promotes doubt in Jesus Christ and His eternal assurance of salvation. Why? Because that claim comes straight from Satan himself with his minion parrots. World religions have bought his lie, hook, line, and sinker! It is the antithesis to the Good News! And as a Christian, I will fight to my dying day against Satan’s garbage and his lies in duty to my King Jesus Christ. If you teach doubt in Jesus Christ, don’t be surprised if I label you as “Satan’s parrot”.

I boldly and sternly rebuke Satan and his ignorant minions who parrot ANY doubt in Jesus Christ and His promises of eternal salvation in Jesus Christ’s name with God as my ongoing witness! I can put up with a merry-go-round of nonsense of a false gospel out of boredom, but this is where if that line is crossed, you will get NO quarter from me nor should it be given by anyone who calls themselves a Christian.

I sternly rebuke the doubt, the mistrust, and any and all the promotions of the lack of confidence in the eternal assurance of Jesus Christ! If you are attending a church which does so, it is time to leave Satan’s parrots!

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