Churchianity is NOT Christianity

Acts 7:48 However, the Most High does not dwell in houses made by human hands; as the prophet says

The verse is a clear rebuke to the Churchian and Churchianity, but will be ignored. Churchianity is not Christianity, it is a developed world view by mankind as a way to somehow take care of a problem we have which is called sin. The Churchian as opposed to the Christian attends a local building with the steeple, bell, organ, candles, with some pomp and circumstance to fulfill what I see is a guilt offering with no repentance.

And that is all Churchianity will be to some, a guilt offering. Having lived the life of heathen all week and even the night before, the Churchian believes by that one hour of attendance it makes it all good with the Almighty God. God must back off on His wrath and an hour or so after this supposed guilt offering, the sin cycle begins again. Repentance is never really realized or achieved in Churchianity, and where the “do not judge me” tolerance slogan is the sounding cry of the Churchian.

How to discern fellowships which are actually Churchianity?
At the head of Churchianity is Satan, the opposition to Christianity where Jesus Christ is the head.
1. In Churchanity the fellowship will have virtually NO accountability to the fellowship. The Churchian will never be confronted by other Churchians if they are living in open sin for example nor will the Churchian pastor care. Repentance is a much too harsh command to follow in Churchianity.

2. Churchianity will always appeal to history as a validation of their faith, never by Scripture and what it teaches by the fruits of the Christian, but by the longevity of this church practicing Churchianity.

3. The congregants of Churchianity will show no life within them. They would be no different than the secular society around them outside their hour of attendance. They are biblically illiterate and really have NO desire to study Scripture or live by its precepts.

4. Churchianity will always appeal to traditions outside Scripture and will bind the Churchians by obligations God never taught nor did His Apostles. Churchianity is definitely non-Apostolic!

5. Humanism is a staple of Churchianity. It equates mankind with God in many respects. To the churchian God is not to be feared, but to be given demands and terms before He can be believed to even exist. Man’s will must never be impeded by God, and man must always be a free agent, free from God if she or he chooses. God must stay in His lane so to speak, and never get involved in man’s affairs unless the Churchian gives Him the permission to do so.

6. The Churchian believes that the dressing up and driving to a church building once a week for an hour or so makes them a Christian, and they identify then as one and expected to be treated as one by the community.

7. In Churchianity, the sinfulness of sin and the holiness of God is almost never spoken of. Tolerance of sin and the perversion of His holiness are rather taught to make the Churchian comfortable. The mini money making operation needs to be sustained, and the Churchian elders know if those subjects are taught, Churchian attendance and membership will drop!

8. Churchanity will use religious rituals as a way to make things right with God. Forget about an actual profession of faith and the resultant fruits such as repentance, all the Churchian needs to do is participate in a smoke and mirrors rituals and wallah! The Churchian is secure for the moment, heaven bound, which is unbiblical in every respect!

9. Churchianity will teach insecurity in Jesus Christ, as the mindset is how else can they insure attendance? The Churchian is led to believe they need to always uncertain in their salvation, thus “come to the church” to make sure of yourself. Instead of reliance on the Holy Spirit who is the seal and guarantee, the Churchian relies on the local building, the church in their mind.

By these points, I do hope if you have been deceived into Churchianity, that you question these things by Scripture alone! See what the Apostles were actually teaching and more importantly DOING and compare your church/fellowship by it. Discern your elders and pastors this way as well! Churchianity is NOT Christianity!

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