Trusting God’s Plan


Recently I was suddenly hit with some devastating news about my trusted companion Leo. He was diagnosed with lymphoma and will need treatment as soon as possible. I immediately researched any and all options, which are dizzying, sometimes confusing, and after much prayer by the faithful, I believe God steered me to do everything necessary. This includes uprooting my life in MN and now moving to Colorado for the next few months or as necessary so that Leo can receive world-class treatment in order to possibly save his life and prolong it.

If you never owned a pet, you may not understand, you might think “he’s just a dog, get another one”. Well, it isn’t that simple. You see, if you truly understood, you’d know that these trusted companions are blessings from God. They are placed in our life for His reason, not ours. Several things need to line up to actually be committed to being a pet owner, and in my case I KNOW without a shadow of the doubt, that God placed in my mind 7 1/2 years ago to adopt Leo, a beautiful Gordon Setter puppy. Was I ready? I didn’t think so, but God had other plans for me and told me I was ready.

I needed to trust in God then as I am doing now and this is how He grows us. We worry, we doubt, we naturally question things, all are mostly selfish in nature. God taught me to THINK BEYOND MYSELF. And by this, I know He is growing and maturing me, the blind trust in His plan means letting go of our pride. God will remove that pride quickly. Never in a million years did I think I’d need to ask for help financially, but this came on suddenly and God showed me that I either lose my pride, repent, or lose my trusted companion. I opted to listen to Him!

The other thing I am learning is to be grateful for each day! Do NOT take it for granted! I think one only learns this by going through a dark trial in life, but I am quickly learning. As some can relate, there is no more thinking about the future, you take care of each day, each minute, each hour God is blessing you with.

I do know God’s glory will be shone no matter what happens, I am trusting in His promise! Some immediate things I can witness are the VAST supporters across the country and globe who without hesitation provided encouragement and prayers and financial help. This kindness came from God! And I will have plenty more to witness through this trial. Please keep Leo and I in your prayers!

My Best Friend is Dying

Yesterday, I was hit with the devastating news that my wonderful companion and dog, Leo, a beautiful Gordon Setter who God blessed me with 7 1/2 years ago was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He has been truly at my side each day and our routine is something that had not changed. He is a true blessing in that he really needs little discipline and is extremely obedient, and has shown me how to treat others with kindness and love. Honestly, he has shown more discipline and obedience than me. He literally greets those who he knows as if they just survived a war, in genuine excitement and love, and it doesn’t matter if this is every day to him. He never takes anyone for granted!

I know being a dog owner that our pets are given to us on a short term loan. They sadly don’t live long lives so mentally we try to prepare for this, but it still gets awfully hard when faced with the end of our relationship with them no matter how much you prepare yourself. It is the loyalty and care to me which I have not found so genuine and consistent in my human companions which I become attached to. Having lost one dog earlier, the pain and grief is something no one can prepare for.

Leo woke up this morning to remind me he is still here, still the same loyal and caring companion. His sudden weight loss and loss of appetite were troubling for me, but he isn’t letting this get in the way of his love and devotion for me. I knew something was definitely wrong because if you have been around him, Leo is a talker, he loves to talk to anyone he likes, and his voice has been silent now for a couple of weeks.

I trust in God’s plan alone, whether this is the end or by His hand a miracle is handed out, and I pray for the latter but accept the verdict as this is in His control. Next week that verdict will come either way when I will have to decide what treatment if he even can have will take place, all depending on the stage of the cancer. It might give me a few more days, months, or years with him, but either way I am committing to just make the most of each day with him in any way I can.

I write this with a heavy heart, and empathize with anyone whose loved one was faced with a similar verdict. God is good! His plan will always be perfect and the only way through the spinning of the mind and shock of it all is to trust in Him, and that is what we need to do no matter how tempting it is to ignore Him, to be angry with Him for this plight.

My best friend is dying and I will be there for him, God has blessed me to do this specifically for him and I will thank Him for this blessing. Please pray that he does not suffer this illness for very long and for a miracle that he beats this awful verdict.

Leo has had many caregivers God has sent and I thank Him for this, my Mom, earlier in his life his wonderful daycare people, Angie (who is also his Vet tech now), Elaine, Megan, Liz, Julia, Chloe, Pat, Karen, Andrea, Dan, Love, Ellie, Jaime, Tyler, Erika, his best friend Charlie our neighbor, Todd his hunting buddy, Theresa and Cocoa his good park friends, and ALL those wonderful Facebook friends who may have never met Leo in person, but immediately sent well wishes and prayers to him. It was just yesterday where we went into a store and a woman stopped us as well as a man in the parking lot who said “what a beautiful dog”…he gets this almost every day wherever we go because he is truly beautiful inside and out. And I know he will always remain this beautiful because it flows from his heart!

I do not know what the future holds for Leo, but trust each day he graces me with his life I know it has been, and will be a blessing!


Consistency is Important

In sharing the Gospel it is quite important to be consistent. If you are new to Kingdom, you are still making your way and are gathering your thoughts and ideas from God but it is beginning of your consistency.

If you are inconsistent in biblical doctrine, don’t expect your audience to trust you. If you say for example there is one way to salvation which is through Jesus Christ, and then say there are other ways as well, the listener will become confused and distrustful of you.

If we hold to Scripture, we become consistent because Scripture is consistent. Ever notice world religions such as Roman Catholicism who do not hold to Scripture alone, their doctrines are confusing and quite inconsistent? It shows up in the congregation where you will get 100 different answers to the same question. The reason being, if one strays from Scripture’s authority, they become immediately inconsistent.

I have seen this not only with Roman Catholicism but other so-called Christian sects who by humanism turn their doctrines into an inconsistent mess. In systematic theology you will find a steady, unswerving, unwavering, dependable, and highly reliable doctrines being taught. I call it the Gospel string which will not break as it will be seen from Genesis to Revelation.

To remain consistent, it is always important NOT TO IMPORT ideas into Scripture’s doctrines. The presupposition should always be God is the Author, His words do not need embellishing, changes, or deletions. Verses should not be skipped or ignored because they do not fit with the doctrine for example, and this would be the number one key to one sharing an inconsistent gospel, a false gospel. In a discussion with such an individual, they will tend to ignore certain part of Scripture all together because it will condemn their doctrine.

In Matthew 4, Jesus used a consistent refutation of the devil’s eisegesis (importing outside presuppositions) of Scripture. He showed the devil that he was being quite inconsistent, the Gospel string was not being used.