Consistency is Important

In sharing the Gospel it is quite important to be consistent. If you are new to Kingdom, you are still making your way and are gathering your thoughts and ideas from God but it is beginning of your consistency.

If you are inconsistent in biblical doctrine, don’t expect your audience to trust you. If you say for example there is one way to salvation which is through Jesus Christ, and then say there are other ways as well, the listener will become confused and distrustful of you.

If we hold to Scripture, we become consistent because Scripture is consistent. Ever notice world religions such as Roman Catholicism who do not hold to Scripture alone, their doctrines are confusing and quite inconsistent? It shows up in the congregation where you will get 100 different answers to the same question. The reason being, if one strays from Scripture’s authority, they become immediately inconsistent.

I have seen this not only with Roman Catholicism but other so-called Christian sects who by humanism turn their doctrines into an inconsistent mess. In systematic theology you will find a steady, unswerving, unwavering, dependable, and highly reliable doctrines being taught. I call it the Gospel string which will not break as it will be seen from Genesis to Revelation.

To remain consistent, it is always important NOT TO IMPORT ideas into Scripture’s doctrines. The presupposition should always be God is the Author, His words do not need embellishing, changes, or deletions. Verses should not be skipped or ignored because they do not fit with the doctrine for example, and this would be the number one key to one sharing an inconsistent gospel, a false gospel. In a discussion with such an individual, they will tend to ignore certain part of Scripture all together because it will condemn their doctrine.

In Matthew 4, Jesus used a consistent refutation of the devil’s eisegesis (importing outside presuppositions) of Scripture. He showed the devil that he was being quite inconsistent, the Gospel string was not being used.

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