Trusting God’s Plan


Recently I was suddenly hit with some devastating news about my trusted companion Leo. He was diagnosed with lymphoma and will need treatment as soon as possible. I immediately researched any and all options, which are dizzying, sometimes confusing, and after much prayer by the faithful, I believe God steered me to do everything necessary. This includes uprooting my life in MN and now moving to Colorado for the next few months or as necessary so that Leo can receive world-class treatment in order to possibly save his life and prolong it.

If you never owned a pet, you may not understand, you might think “he’s just a dog, get another one”. Well, it isn’t that simple. You see, if you truly understood, you’d know that these trusted companions are blessings from God. They are placed in our life for His reason, not ours. Several things need to line up to actually be committed to being a pet owner, and in my case I KNOW without a shadow of the doubt, that God placed in my mind 7 1/2 years ago to adopt Leo, a beautiful Gordon Setter puppy. Was I ready? I didn’t think so, but God had other plans for me and told me I was ready.

I needed to trust in God then as I am doing now and this is how He grows us. We worry, we doubt, we naturally question things, all are mostly selfish in nature. God taught me to THINK BEYOND MYSELF. And by this, I know He is growing and maturing me, the blind trust in His plan means letting go of our pride. God will remove that pride quickly. Never in a million years did I think I’d need to ask for help financially, but this came on suddenly and God showed me that I either lose my pride, repent, or lose my trusted companion. I opted to listen to Him!

The other thing I am learning is to be grateful for each day! Do NOT take it for granted! I think one only learns this by going through a dark trial in life, but I am quickly learning. As some can relate, there is no more thinking about the future, you take care of each day, each minute, each hour God is blessing you with.

I do know God’s glory will be shone no matter what happens, I am trusting in His promise! Some immediate things I can witness are the VAST supporters across the country and globe who without hesitation provided encouragement and prayers and financial help. This kindness came from God! And I will have plenty more to witness through this trial. Please keep Leo and I in your prayers!

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