Keep Your Distance!

Yesterday I wrote about purging evil among you as God commands. With this, keeping our distance from evil is imperative. Don’t associate with evil, and do not let evil be comfortable around you, or that evil can and will cause MUCH trouble in your life.

It doesn’t mean we are not to associate with those of the world or that we need to just find Christian realtors or business people to deal with. It means keep your distance in fellowship with the lost and blind. Do not consort or appease them in their unbelief. There needs to be NO compromise with the Gospel. If a heresy presents itself, combat it by the word of God and do not give any ground. If blasphemous language is being spoken, confront it by the word of God.

Evil does need to be rebuked! After my rebirth, a so-called Christian told me she would smoke pot with one of her friends and to hang out with such evil. I had a really hard time with this and let it be known, this is not God’s leading. She didn’t listen and I witnessed her life in a downward spiral. She wasn’t a Christian, a play actor and was not trusting in the word of God either. So discernment can also come by holding your ground, evil play actors and tares will reveal themselves.

Watch out for the guilt manipulations with this as well. “Why are you judging me?” or “You are a hater”. My response is always YES, we are to judge good from evil and because God hates evil, so do I!

Keeping your distance from evil people also serves them notice that there is something wrong. Whether they care or not, they know where you stand and will NOT compromise your faith for their evil. Some will leave you, some will go out of their way to avoid you, let them go! The temptation is to tolerate the evil, but stand firm and let God do the rest.

We don’t need to go around with a finger waving, verbalizing condemnation left and right either. It is a subtle change of behavior though which needs to be enacted. You reject invitations for fellowship with evil for example. You do not seek favor from evil either, be always unavailable to them. The message will be sent.

In some cases a sinner who gets the message that you will NOT appease them, will inquire as to why. At that point be gentle and give them the Good News. Explain who you serve, and that you are a priest of God’s Kingdom and how very serious you take this position with Him and how you pray they too join the Kingdom if it is of God’s will.

Keeping distance from evil is a discipline from God. He will ALWAYS let it be known to you who needs to be purged, who needs to be avoided and ignored, and who needs to be witnessed to. Listen to Him! This comes internally, you will KNOW if you are of His flock and the conscience God is giving you is from Him.

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