Things I Have Learned in the Past Month

God has taught me many things just in the past month or so in Leo’s cancer treatment. I thought I’d share somethings to possibly help those struggling with life.

God Created Waiting Rooms for the Impatient
May sound corny, but I really do believe impatient people as myself were given waiting rooms, traffic jams, hold times on the phone, long lines, to teach us patience. That not everything will be done according to our timeline and to look beyond ourselves. God has grown my patience as for example the doctor saying “it will be 15 minutes” that turns into an hour wait. In my former life, I would be reading the riot act for that, now I am a bit more patient with people. Yes, God created waiting rooms for impatient people like me!

God is in Control
We often only think of God being in control during the good times, the wonderful events in our lives. But He being God is always in control, during the bad and ugly times as well. To be at total peace is to trust in His control. Abandon that “Do It Yourself” attitude and trust the God’s will and process. It isn’t easy but doing so will bring you peace. Unfortunately there won’t be a YouTube video to help you solve a crisis situation, that is God’s way of reminding us that He is in control.

I Have a Former Life
In my former life, just 10 years ago if placed in this exact same circumstance I can honestly say I do not think I’d jump in my truck to move to Colorado to try and save Leo’s life. Why? Because in my former life I was all about myself and my needs, everything else came secondary. It was always “what’s in it for me”. Now it is “what’s in it for you”. And I thank God for this change.

God Will Remove Your Pride
Never in a million years or at least in my former life I would have ever thought of starting a GoFundMe site to help Leo. My pride told me that was for the poor. Well, when the time came, God gave me no choice, there was no pride I felt, all I sought to do is to help my ailing companion. All pride will do is bring you REGRET, distress, and sadness while never helping the one who needs you.

God Sifts Your Friends List During Adversity
Certain people I expected to immediately support us were nowhere to be found, and certain people I never expected to did support us. That is God’s way of telling us certain people in our life may not be who they seem and maybe should NOT be in our life and people we overlook should not be taken for granted. A lesson definitely learned! And then there are some who come along, strangers, people from your past who unconditionally help and support you, this is also God’s doing! And I thank Him for all these people!

The Very Best in People Arise in Times of Difficulty
I will use Dana Perino in this example, former George W. Bush’s press secretary now on Fox News. Dana has been in constant contact all throughout Leo’s illness. With the impeachment ordeal, Iran crisis, and all the other issues she needs to stay focused on as a Fox News anchor, Dana never misses a beat to encourage me and Leo. God will bring the best qualities out of people during your time of adversity and I have experienced this now with many people during this time with Leo.

When the Darkness Comes
During the extreme dark times, I found my mouthing or thinking these words “I trust in You God alone” really does work to bring peace. I say it until I am at peace, because that is when God believes what I am promising. When your dark time comes, don’t turn to the world, turn to God alone! The world will give you trouble, God promises that no matter what you’ll be just fine, go with God.

Warning Lights
I have had a tire inflation warning light which keeps coming on in my truck. I have spent several thousands of dollars now in the past month trying to fix this issue. A couple of days, the light comes back on, how frustrating! But I relate this to Leo’s cancer because I know we aren’t out of the woods yet. The warning light can come back on and I am prepared for it. We will just stay vigilant in keeping it off and doing whatever is necessary to keep it off.

Don’t Take For Granted Little Things
If you ever had a pet or a person in your life who didn’t eat and then ate one day, you know the exhilaration and joy. They finally ate, and if they continue eating, the joy increases. I learned not to take for granted these little things now with Leo. I thank God each time he eats a meal and that he gains his weight. Don’t take for granted what you are blessed with, always thank God for everything!

You Often Do Not Know What You are Capable of!
I didn’t know I was capable to be Leo’s health caretaker until I was put in the position. Giving him pills, syringe feeding, carrying him, etc. I really never thought I could do and sustain it until I actually did it. It is by God’s grace and hand that we learn we are actually capable. We often tell ourselves that certain things are off limits, we will NEVER be able to do that, but when the time comes in a trauma, don’t be surprised if you find yourself doing those things and without complaint and with ease, this is all by God’s doing.

Take Time to Thank God Always
Thanking God is a prayer. It doesn’t need to be dressed up with many words, just a simple “Thank You Lord” will do. How long did that take? He knows what you are thanking Him for, so no need to insult His intelligence. Know He is right there with you always, so thanking Him for everything is worship and prayer to Him. Yes, the simplest but one of the most powerful prayers is “Thank You Lord!”.

You Need to Look Back on Things
Lastly, there are somethings when you look back on them you will see how God was working in your life. At the time they don’t make much sense. Dropping everything and moving to Colorado during the holiday season for me was that “didn’t make much sense”, but I did it, and as I look back on it, I know it was for the RIGHT reason! In my former life, I did everything mostly for the wrong reasons, what would satisfy me, myself, and I. So we must look back and see the power of God, things which often are unimaginable and seemingly miracles or how things fell into place are all by His hand!

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