It is OK to ask God “Why?”

When times get dark, sad, lonely, and depressing in your life, it is completely OK to ask God “why is this happening”. There usually is an answer we are not grasping and He will always help us understand why. He doesn’t desire us to go groping in the dark or turning to the world who will give you an answer, but most of the time that answer is wrong.

Turn to God, ask Him! The test here is to believe He is real and that He is listening always. Sometimes that is the answer actually. He is removing the doubt in your mind. You see, He is not just God during the good and happy events in your life, but also in the dark and sad moments as well.

Is it OK to be upset? Yes! God wants always to be honest with our feeling, we need to be truthful with Him that this sadness is not something you desired. Now, this does not mean we burn God an effigy or we curse Him for the sadness or trauma, it means we tell Him how this event honestly made us feel.

In this, considering we are fallen creatures, we must realize we don’t deserve a thing from God other than His wrath. The mercy and grace He gives freely is completely pf His will, not ours. But again, it is OK to ask “why” in this, why grace and mercy did not come. God doesn’t administer grace and mercy via quid pro quo either, or it isn’t grace or mercy, this is something to also understand. He doesn’t bow to our deeds in other words. We must humbly admit we will fall short, VASTLY short of His holiness.

Communing with God is essential. How is your relationship with Him? It is personable or distant or non-existent. If personable, asking why comes seamlessly as you would ask a parent of whom would give you an answer. If distant, as with your own parents, the answers won’t be clear. If non-existent, you will just grope in the dark and become more frustrated and sad.

Don’t turn to the world, turn to God! And listen for the answer, discern your sins, discern your behavior, your prayer life, your relationship with God and the answer should be clear. Trust in Him alone for this answer!

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