Spurned by Religion

What is the number one reason I have heard from the public at large as to why they are turned off to things of God? It is usually a case of being spurned by a world religion such as Roman Catholicism.

The person usually feels put down by self righteousness. The judgments and condemnations have come from someone in a church of that world religion, and the hypocrisy of it all is quite distasteful. A woman told me last week for example that her Catholic parents won’t speak to her hardly, keep their distance, because according to them she “lives in sin”. My response to her, was we all have lived in sin, including her parents currently, that they were NO better than she but they don’t realize this. We are all in fact sinners!

I will repeat that, we are all in fact sinners and everyone will fall short of the glory of God. The self righteous in these world religions do need a reality check by the comparison to God’s eternal holiness of which they more than not do not understand. Because if you did this comparison, there is NO WAY you could condemn another sinner just by looking in the mirror. Now this doesn’t mean I am giving a license to live in sin, it means we are not to judge others as less worthy.

Judgment and discernment is authorized by Jesus in the Bible, but again we are NEVER to judge another sinner as less worthy than ourselves. You might have repented, you might have figured things out by God’s grace, but you are in fact no better or worthy than one who has not yet figured it out. Salvation was never by self righting, it was always only through Jesus Christ’s righteousness! Remember this!

If a world religion has spurned you, don’t fret, don’t burn all faith in Jesus Christ an effigy. Rather discern that world religion by Scripture, and God will show you what you were feeling all along, that they were always wrong! The Good News they withheld from you will be declared on those pages, while you will see the actual condemnation and it is towards their false gospels.

This is why Scripture is the highest standard for faith and practice, NEVER the church. Because the church could be very well be a world religion which opposes those promises. If a world religion has spurned you, open your Bible for the truth! God never spurns the ungodly whom He is drawing unto His Son! Any church which has spurned you by self righteousness and condemnation, is not of Jesus Christ. If the open call is not to repent, if it is judgment and white washed walls, this is not Jesus Christ’s church. I turn you to Matthew 23, read how angry Jesus was with “white washed walls” and their spurning of sinners in need of salvation.

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